'Unicorn Armpit Hair' is the best beauty trend of 2019 so far

'Unicorn Armpit Hair' is the best beauty trend of 2019 so far

Beauty trends, they come and they go, eh? In the past year, we've seen everything from unicorn hair and glitter tears to McDonalds eyebrows and nose hair extensions, and these weird and wacky fashions show no sign of slowing down.

One bizarrely named trend with a message, however, is Unicorn Armpit Hair.

It's 2019 after all, which means that society really needs to stop shaming women who refuse to conform to gender norms, such as the one that dictates that we must be hairless from the eyebrows down. And this year is off to a good start. The first month of the new year has already been dubbed "Januhairy", and women from all walks of life have been growing out and showing off their body hair on social media.

The people of Instagram, however, found a way to take the movement a little further - by adding a little colour, of course. Some proponents of the movement dyed their armpit hair in rainbow shades, and took to social media to dub them #UnicornPits, and it's quite the look.

Take a gander below...

Well, we're certainly here for the most colourful look of 2019 so far!