White Sparkly Wedding Crocs Are Now A Thing

White Sparkly Wedding Crocs Are Now A Thing

Ladies and gentlemen, can you picture your wedding day?

Some of you might have already gotten married so it'll be pretty easy for you guys, but for the rest of you out there, use a little imagination. You're in the church, holding hands with the love of your life, saying "I do" and all that jazz as the music swells... but amidst all that, what are you wearing?

A tuxedo or a dress, obviously. Maybe a fancy veil or a nice corsage for a little extra flourish, but what about on your feet? Most people will go for something smart and stylish, but if you ask me - a single man with questionable dress sense who has never been to a wedding - I think they're doing it all wrong.

Nope. When you've got a lot of walking down aisles and wedding dances to look forward to, you've got to be thinking one thing: comfort, comfort, comfort. To that end, what is more comfortable than a pair of Crocs?

Wedding Crocs Credit: Etsy

Sure, it's arguable whether anybody who decides to wear Crocs to their own wedding is deserving (or even capable) of love, but if you and your future marriage partner are down for it, why not? Even better: now, via Etsy, you can now get them in Starlight Sequin Crystal Form - perfect for your wedding day - for a nominal fee of £79.17.

They're shiny, they're glittery, and in your wedding photos, you can just take photos from the ankles up as you remember just what a great time you had. And as you look back on your big day several decades from now, among the happy memories, you'll be able to recall with a nostalgic eye just how... comfortable you were.

Now regardless of how much you spend on your big day, that's something money can't buy.