Woman receives makeover on live TV and quite obviously hates the results

Woman receives makeover on live TV and quite obviously hates the results

There are few things as devastating as a bad haircut. Unless you've been incredibly lucky, you'll have experienced the devastation which comes with looking in the mirror for the first time after the hairdresser has made one snip too many and wanting the salon to swallow you whole.

But if there's one thing worse than getting a terrible haircut, it's getting one on national television. And not just any haircut either, a haircut that's emulating a seven-year-old girl's when you're clearly a middle-aged woman.

This nightmarish situation, however, became a reality for Lorraine guest Katie. After Harper Beckham revealed her very swish-looking new bob at mom Victoria's London Fashion Week show on Sunday, it's been a hot topic - with many remarking that it makes the seven-year-old look wise beyond her years because it's a do more commonly associated with older women.

So, when celebrity stylist Jamie Steven called on a member of the British public to put this to the test, Katie volunteered.

I mean, who wouldn't want a free haircut from a celeb hairdresser? It's guaranteed to be a winner, right?! Wrong.

This is the incredibly awkward moment Katie saw her "Harper bob" for the first time: 

In the clip, a shocked Katie can be seen observing her hair while trying her absolute best to force a smile. It's literally the reaction of someone who's just opened a terrible Christmas present pretending that they like it.

The whole thing then gets a lot more awkward when Jamie asks for her verdict and she replies, "It looks like a wig." Clearly oblivious to what he's done, he presses her to explain whether or not this is a bad thing, and she says, "I suppose it's a compliment."

Needless to say, everyone saw through Katie's feigned reaction to her new haircut:

Oh well. Luckily for Katie, extensions exist. Maybe if she sets up a GoFundMe, Lorraine viewers will donate...

This article first appeared on VT.co and was shared with permission.