Woman whose hair turned grey 'overnight' says she now feels sexier than ever

Woman whose hair turned grey 'overnight' says she now feels sexier than ever

We all hate getting older; not just because it means that we're closer to retirement, but because the ravages of time have a direct impact on our physical attractiveness. Skin that was once supple and taut becomes flabby and sagging, frown lines and wrinkles are etched across our faces, and worst of all is the damage to our hair. The lucky ones will go grey. The unlucky ones will lose their hair completely.

For most young people, finding your first grey hair is an unpleasant rite of passage - an uncomfortable reminder that middle age is creeping up on you. But it doesn't have to spell disaster. In fact, a 43-year-old woman whose hair went completely silver practically overnight has recently opened up about she feels sexier now than ever before.

Sara Eisenman first started to turn silver when she was in her early twenties. The neuroscientist, who hails from the state of Arizona, was mortified by her own grey locks, and became obsessed with dying her hair a dark tone to preserve her youth. But more than twenty years since the day she found her first grey hair, the mother-of-two has now had a complete change of heart and loves the way her hair makes her look.

Now, Sara has a completely different outlook, claiming that her hair is a symbol of natural beauty and freedom. What's more, is that she wants more woman to embrace aging naturally and not be afraid of their middle age. Instead, she feels as though women should know that they have the opportunity to feel better and more vibrant in their 40s than they ever did in their 20s and 30s.

Commenting on her hair in a recent Instagram post, Sara stated: "My entire head of hair turned silver all at once when I was 21, during a very intense life-or-death initiation that entailed processing an enormous amount of childhood #trauma and toxicity, alone, all at once. ? [sic]"

"There was no overt physical illness involved but the pain of this spiritual initiation was so severe, the crucible so extreme, that my hair went from naturally almost black to completely silver overnight (revealed by purely silver roots all over my head). Unable to share this level of depth with the world at the time, and more than a bit afraid of what it all might mean, I hid my conspicuous tresses under mountains of dye til I was 37."

If you'd like to see more of Sara's inspirational content, then why not check out her Instagram for more updates in future?

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