Women are obsessing over this $1 cream that stops thigh chafing in the summer

Women are obsessing over this $1 cream that stops thigh chafing in the summer

Sure, summer is wonderful - with the sunshine, barbecues, and opportunities to day drink - but alongside the downsides (sunburn and a gnawing sense of FOMO), is the worst thing of them all: thigh chafe.

Yes ladies, we wait all year to bare our pasty limbs, and how do they reward us? By rubbing themselves raw against each other, of course. Oh, and please don't get me started on underboob sweat.

Luckily, it looks like we may have an antidote this season. The women of the internet are raving about a $1 cream they say has eased all thigh chafe and underboob woes.

The product, which you can purchase from British supermarket Asda is called Liquid Talc, and as you've probably deduced, it's a talcum powder alternative in liquid form.

asda Credit: Asda

The cream - which is part of the retailer's Little Angels range - is designed to soften baby skin, but it's also reportedly working wonders for those who suffer with thigh chafing and underboob sweat in the summer months.

It came to the attention of the Twitter stratosphere last year, when comedian Sarah Millican questioned whether the skin under her boobs would "ever be dry again". She received plenty of recommendations, but the clear winner was Liquid Talc.

"Liquid talc. That’s what I use for my underboob," wrote one social media user, and another corroborated "To gals with thiccccc thighs in this hot weather...I discovered liquid talc the other day and I [swear to God] it has changed my life, go get [you] some."

The product works in a similar way to other anti-chafing products, creating a damp layer which allows your thighs to slip against each other, as opposed to rubbing and creating friction.

It's definitely worth a try, and at just over $1, it's not going to break the bank.

Roll on summer!