Women in their 20's are embracing going gray on social media

Women in their 20's are embracing going gray on social media

While most of us expect to turn grey in our later years, for some people, the process of pigment loss happens a lot faster - that is, if they're in the prime of their youth - their 20's and 30's. Certainly, while we don't expect to see crows feet, fine lines and strands of grey poking though while we still don't feel like real adults, you can't always fight your genetic makeup.

Some people, however, are choosing to shout out their greys on social media. See the Instagram account, Grombre, which has proven to be a source of inspiration for those facing premature greying. Certainly, what started out as a celebration of silver growth, has blossomed into a community of over 75,000 people who have been sharing why they decided to embrace their grey hair.

"It just hit me one day. I was done. And I was scared," wrote one individual on the Instagram page. "I researched and found that I wasn’t the only one going through this roller coaster and that I could get off. So I did. Two months dye-free. I feel free. The gray no longer disgusts me. I feel powerful. Not everyone gets it, but that’s OK. I may have aged myself, but that’s OK too. I look at myself and I don’t feel like I’m letting myself go. I know that’s what we have been programmed to believe. But it simply isn’t true."

Just take a gander below...

"I found this amazing online community after reading the recent BBC article about it—and I am so glad I did! I remember a friend finding my first grey hair at 13—now half a life ago—and I had no idea what an impact it would come to have on my sense of self. People often tell me how much they love that I don’t dye my evermore greying hair, but it was more a passive acceptance than a proactive choice. Now as I reach further into my late twenties it feels more like a choice, but one made along with thousands of other women. A friend snapped this picture while hiking up a mountain in Wales a few days ago—and I thought I’d send it in. Thank you so much for this incredible community you’ve built!" wrote another Instagram user who has been featured on Grombre.

So the next time you see a grey in your hair, maybe just leave it - after all, you don't want another three sprouting in its place.