You can now get a temporary tattoo of your BFF's face

You can now get a temporary tattoo of your BFF's face

Getting tattoos permanently inked is no small thing. And as such, as a society, we've always been divided on the subject of tats.

Some love them enough to cover practically their entire body in ink, while others despise them enough to threaten their kids with the prospect of being disowned if they ever dare to get a tat of their own.

But tattoos are way more than just arbitrary designs and patterns. Some are political, some are romantic, and some are oh so sentimental. And in theory, getting, say, your friend's face permanently inked onto your body is a lovely idea.

But you know what's even lovelier (and less likely to give you a deep sense of regret down the line)? Getting a temporary best friend tattoo.

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Well, courtesy of Etsy seller Lilimandrill, you can do just that. You can order a set of 25 tattoos for $80 - so even though the tattoo is temporary, you can just whip out a new one whenever you feel like celebrating your friendship with your BFF.

But the seller doesn't just specialize in best friend tattoos - you can also get one of your other half!

Check out more of Lilimandrill's work as posted on Instagram:

A number of Instagram commenters have openly shared their thoughts on lilimandrill's work.

"I mean.. I just feel like this is probably the best wedding favor you could give your guests," wrote one Instagram user while another simply wrote: "precious!"

"They are very cool," another wrote.

Credit: Instagram

"Can’t wait to get ours in the mail," wrote a fourth commenter.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

There have also been a number of positive reviews left by customers on the seller's Etsy page.

"I live in the U.S. and within 3 1/2 weeks I had already received my order," one wrote. The tattoos came out so great, I can't wait to send them out to my friends."

Another wrote: "We asked Lise to combine aspects from two photos and her drawing w'as PERFECT! Super correspondence and quick turnaround. I will definitely be back!!!"

A third wrote: "I received mine and I love them!! I’m so excited to surprise my son at his graduation with these!! Vendor was great to work with, responded quickly, and sent the items in a VERY timely fashion. I definitely would recommend this product and seller, and I will purchase again!"