YouTube star gets real about why she got breast implants and people are so here for it 

YouTube star gets real about why she got breast implants and people are so here for it 

The impossible beauty standards that are heralded in glossy magazines and by Instagram "models" continue to inspire complexes around the globe. Not only is it difficult not to feel the pressure to conform to these ideals, but they're also stringent - allowing little room for alternative conceptions of what is physically desirable.

However, there's also a double standard at play here. Those who choose to undergo plastic surgery to correct their so-called "flaws" are vilified for being "fake", and are criticised for succumbing to the beauty standards that society writ large perpetuates.

One YouTuber who is helping to break down the stigma behind undergoing plastic surgery, however, is Jackie Aina. The beauty guru is respected for keeping it real when it comes to everything from the best makeup dupes out there to just how prejudiced a place the internet can be.

And now, Aina, who has amassed a whopping 2.3 million subscribers on the platform, has spoken candidly about her decision to undergo breast augmentation.

Jackie Aina has recently opened up about her new breast implants in a vlog titled "SOOOOO I got plastic surgery."

During the 18-minute video, the 30-year-old broke down her "boob journey" in detail, revealing her reasons for getting the "fuller but still small" implants, as well as her post-op recovery and everything in between.

"Straight up, I had a breast augmentation," Aina said in the video, which quickly went viral. "I got my boobs done and I’m not ashamed of that."

"I’m not going to make excuses for it," she asserted to her followers. "I just literally feel like if you wake up one day and you wanna change something, you have the right to change it." Jackie later advised that “this is not something that you should take lightly."

"It’s something you should go into understanding that this is forever," she added. "This a decision that will change your life forever."

The beauty influencer disclosed that she got the implants because she desired "a hint more underboob" and "a little more fullness up top", although she stated that she was glad she waited until she was 30 before undergoing the procedure.

Watch the entire video below:

Aina then went onto say that she wanted to share her story so publicly because of the wealth of information available on spaces such as YouTube. "I feel like the great things about platforms like Youtube is that if I have questions, if I have doubts, if I have concerns, worries, I can get online and see a real person look me dead in the lens and tell me the truth about their experience," she said. 

And naturally, the people of the internet were there for Jackie's honesty. "I'm just so happy you trusted us, your audience, enough to tell us about your augmentation journey," one commentator wrote, while another added, "I had a reduction and also don't care what anyone thinks."

youtube Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Well, there you have it. Good on Jackie for being so transparent about an oft-contentious topic!