Kendall Jenner completes the bottle cap challenge riding a jetski while wearing a bikini

Kendall Jenner completes the bottle cap challenge riding a jetski while wearing a bikini

The Bottle Cap Challenge has truly taken social media by storm. It's been taken on by ordinary folk and celebs alike - all for the purpose of impressing one's followers by successfully managing to kick the cap off a bottle.

Some of the most high profile celebs in existence are accepting the challenge and in turn challenging other stars to try it out for themselves.

Hailey Bieber recently passed the baton on to friend and fellow supermodel Kendall Jenner - and the 23-year-old definitely didn't disappoint.

Take a look at Kendall Jenner's impressive attempt at the stunt:

She posted the video to her Instagram page, with the caption: "you asked for it" and tagged Hailey (who was tagged by her husband Justin Bieber.)

In an effortless display of skill and precision, Kendall's take on the viral stunt saw her kick the loosely-screwed bottle cap off while riding a jet ski clad in a tiny green bikini.

The epic clip, captured in slow motion, shows how the reality star approaches the bottle while on the jet ski - the same method Hailey used to complete the challenge.

When she is close enough to the target, she pivots the watercraft before sticking out one of her famously long legs and successfully kicking the cap off the bottle.

Flashing a proud grin, she then rides away.

Amongst the other celebs to try out the stunt are Mariah Carey, Jason Statham, John Mayer and Diplo.

Check out Mariah Carey completing the challenge using nothing other than her powerful vocals:

Anyway back to Kendall - and more specifically her friends, family and fellow celebs who were in awe at her impressive stab at the challenge.

"Yessssss," Kim Kardashian wrote before adding in a separate comment: "This is so good!!!!!"

"I'm crying," Khloe added while Kylie simply wrote: "omg."

And, of course, Hailey who originally challenged Kendall responded with a simple "YYYESSSSSSSSSS."

But all can be summed up with honorary Kardashian-Jenner Scott Disick's comment: "And that's a wrap. Game over"

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