10 of the best ways people have bagged a prom date

10 of the best ways people have bagged a prom date

For generations of teens, experiencing the jittery nerves of asking your crush to prom - or if you’re really lucky, being asked - has been a rite of passage. For most people, this probably included a couple of mumbled lines and a few seconds of awkward squirming, preferably without too many people watching, before (hopefully) a happy resolution.

But in recent years, a grand and very public “promposal” has become part and parcel of the whole prom process. Yep, in the days of Kim K and social media, it's very much a case of "pics or it didn't happen". And while this approach probably isn't for everyone, and it almost certainly won't be helping any introverted high school nerds get the popular girl, a quick trawl of the internet shows us there are a few good sports willing to embarrass themselves in public for the sake of romance. There have been actual, proper, rest-of-your-life marriage proposals less complicated and committed than some of these...

Because flowers are so mainstream

"I got confused bc the cactus was on my desk and I didn’t know where it came from".

Goat idea, bad execution

As a writer, there is nothing more I love than a good pun. So, in principle, the idea of one Georgian teen asking a girl out using an actual goat, with the words “Will you goat to prom with me?” sounds kind of genius. Unfortunately, this particular lad didn’t actually have a goat, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. Like any self-respecting 14-year-old, he enlisted the help of his mates, and together they went off to find - and by find, I mean steal - one. Unfortunately, the group were busted by the police, and ended up charged with theft.

Here's another guy who did manage it though.

You've gotta admire his confidence 

For most people, the idea of being discreetly rejected is embarrassing enough, but not for Dwain Little, AKA “Swank”. He didn't have a particular date in mind, so went to the lengths of hiring an entire billboard outside school in order to find the perfect partner, and explained his unique tactic to News5: “I just looked up at the billboard and thought, that’s a very creative way to ask a girl to prom.” It seemed to have worked too -  at the time of the interview, he had been swamped with “about 30” messages from ladies offering to be his date!

I have so many questions

Why a horse? Did he ride in on the horse? Did they have to close the road? Did he literally hire an entire band? What did the band sing? Is that a suitcase? What is the point of those four tiny letters when there's so else much going on? Where did this guy get the money for this? IS THIS EVEN REAL?

Say yes, she did say

He wasn't going to blow his chance

Of all the things not to do in modern day America, running into school wearing a bomb vest complete with paper tubes to look like bombs is probably pretty up there. So when Washington teen Ibrahim Ahmad did exactly that in order to show his crush that he was “the bomb”, the school weren’t too pleased. While his date actually said yes, the school suspended him for five days, meaning he missed it altogether anyway - apparently they went for a nice quiet dinner instead.

Is breakfast included though?

When a Florida high school student confided in his colleagues at Chick-fil-A that he was having trouble finding a date for prom, they were prepared to use any tools at their disposal to help him out - and in this case, that meant the giant sign outside. The prom is at the end of April 2018, but even if he doesn't manage to tempt anyone in with the lure of food, his manager has sweetly agreed to be his plan B. 

Thank God he wasn’t spelling out “Will you marry me?”

Last but not least…

There are no words. This one is going to take some beating… 

Of course, prom isn't for everyone, and there are plenty of people out there for whom a night in eating pizza and watching films will have been more than enough of a celebration. After all, strip away all the fancy cars, big dresses and even bigger hair, and what you've got is a school disco. But whether they worked or failed, you've got to admire the bravery, dedication and creativity of some of these teens. Apart from maybe the goat one - there really is no date worth ending up with a criminal record for.