10 problems all girls who play sport will understand

10 problems all girls who play sport will understand

Being a girl can be an effort at the best of times, but when you're a girl who loves playing sports or hitting the gym, then there's a whole extra set of problems to contend with. From unruly hair to unexpected periods, you've always got your head in the game and one eye on everything else. So, what the are the biggest sporty girl problems? Here's just a few to get you started.

Scheduling your hair washing routine around your gym plans

Otherwise known as the “Can I get away with going to work with hair like this?” problem. If there’s a big game or gym sesh looming at the end of the day, then the answer is always yes. Let’s face it, you should probably just buy shares in Batiste because you're singlehandedly keeping them afloat.   


Owning more sports bras than normal bras

To be fair, most of the time this one's less of a problem, more of a blessing - they're just so damn comfy. But then comes the time when you need a proper bra for that nice new top and suddenly there's a real lack of options. And despite having all of these sports bras, you still somehow forget to pack one when you need one. Nightmare.

Dodgy leggings

Whether they’re slipping down as you run or going see through as you squat, dodgy leggings are the bane of any active lady. The worst part? You don't know until you wear them, by which point it's too late to take them back - so you end up owning 400 pairs, most of which you only wear for watching Netflix. Next time you try before you buy, give them a five-minute changing room run around; you might look stupid but you'll thank yourself later.  

People’s surprise when you finally scrub up

It's nice to receive the odd compliment when you've made the effort. It makes you feel good. But less nice? The sheer shock on people's face when they see you out of those dodgy leggings, not covered in sweat/mud/chalk. Yes people, we can do both.

Bruises for days

The leggings might be off, but the chances are that the tights are firmly on - because despite how cute that thigh-skimming dress is, your legs are covered in war wounds. Hell hath no fury like an angry hockey player, a rugby girl on a mission or a netballer intent on defending her patch.

Unsolicited advice

Mate, if the PT to your left isn’t interrupting my session to give me advice on my squat form then you shouldn’t be either. If you're not a professional coach, then don't tell me what will work better for me "as a girl". Off you waddle now. 

Period probs

Coming on your period unexpectedly is a pain at the best of times, but when you're on your way to a soccer match, sans tampons, and know you're about to spend the next 90 minutes running around in white shorts... yeah, not ideal. Cue the quick desperate hushed scout around. Who cares if the other team are evil, this girl is making friends with them.

The thigh gap

Ahhh, the eternal dream of so many women, the bane of many sports playing girls. Newsflash, retailers: girls who play rugby or cycle have thighs of goddamn steel, not size 6 catwalk models and the mental trauma trying to buy jeans is only too real. No, my thighs do not match my waist; yes, I would like you to sort this problem for me. Let's not even start on the dreaded chafe - make that shares in Batiste and Vaseline. 

Forgetting a hair band

There is nothing worse than the moment you realise that you’re hair band-less when you’re about to spend the next hour running around, let alone on a windy day. You spend good, hard-earned money on fancy shampoos (for when you do finally wash your hair) then damage your precious locks on the cr*ppy elastic band you’re forced to use as an emergency solution. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you open your squash case and 200 of them fall out. Cannot win. 

The dreaded tan lines

As any sporty girl will know, there's nothing better than playing your game out in the sun on a beautiful Summer afternoon. The only catch? Ending up with legs that resemble a vanilla ice cream - beautifully bronzed at the bottom, aggressively white at the top. But spare a thought for soccer players, who get the full on stripes - bruised calves or white calves, what a decision.

Of course, these aren't the only ones - there's also the people telling you not to get "too muscular" *eye roll*, the completely unquenchable appetite and the constant battle with your slightly gross feet. But at the end of the day, we wouldn't have it any other way. After all, there's no better feeling than smashing your opposition, pushing through that barrier and celebrating with your team afterwards. Drop us your sporty girl problems in the comments below.