10 Signs you're doing much better than you thought you were

10 Signs you're doing much better than you thought you were

Every person on earth has their own insecurities, doubts and "what the hell am I doing with my life" moments. Especially as we grow older, we experience big changes, meet people who will disappoint us, and pine for our childhood days when the responsibilities were less and our biggest concern was that we had enough plastic bricks to finish the roof of our Lego house.

But sometimes all it takes is a bit of a reality check for you to realise that it's not actually the end of the world – even if it might really feel like it – and that your perspective on things is what really makes the difference. If you're in a rough patch right now, or even if you're just feeling a bit down about nothing in particular, have a read of these 10 things that'll prove you're doing way better than you thought.

1. The state of the world gets you down sometimes

You might get angry at certain politicians or the latest thing you heard in the news, but it shows that you're not just stuck in your own little world and you've got an interest in larger-scale issues. Your awareness and engagement in these matters is important for society and for you to learn about your own moral compass.

2. You're not just getting by

You've paid your bills on time, you can afford to buy a soy latte when you feel like it, and you're currently deciding whether you'd like to go to Chicago or Costa Rica for your next holiday. Don't take that for granted.


3. The clothes in your wardrobe are plentiful and vast

While you might whine that you have nothing to wear, you've got several winter jackets, dresses for every occasion and more shoes than you need. You're doing completely fine if you've got all this and are planning on going shopping on the weekend to buy the latest "on trend" ensemble.

4. You've got stories to tell and things to humble-brag about

Even if you feel a bit bleh and like life isn't really that inspiring right now, catch yourself the next time you're telling a colleague a story about the time you did an exciting internship. Appreciate that you did these awesome things in the first place, and know that similar experiences will roll around again too.

5. You decline invitations

Saying no to parties, dates or movies you don't want to see is totally fine – do things for you, and not because you don't want to seem rude.

6. There are one or two people you would consider close friends

It's all about quality, not quantity, so if you've got someone who you can tell your insecurities to, and share even the smallest life achievements with – you're winning.

7. You have a consistent hair/skin/beauty regime

You've figured out what suits you best and what your skin type likes because you know yourself better than anyone. We spend so long comparing ourselves to others, but even this is an affirmation that you do love yourself and you're better off for it.

8. You have a lot of skills you don't even think about

You might be a practising chiropractor, but you can also contour like a boss, drive on highways and make perfect poached eggs. Not to mention you're a total whizz on Instagram – all skills that could lead to different career opportunities in case you one day decide you're tired of cracking backs.

9. You've had to sacrifice something in order to move forward

Whether it's moving countries for a job or breaking up with a boyfriend because he was unsupportive of your dream to become a professional cupcake caterer, it's a big and usually rewarding step to let go of something in your life to get what you really want.

10. The thing you were worried about ages ago is no longer on your mind

That crisis with the old landlord you had last year? Or the big meeting you were stressing about for weeks? You got through them all and you're here today better off and with the hindsight that it wasn't such a big deal after all.

See? Even a potato knows that your mind is making things far worse than they really are.