11 amazing gifts you absolutely have to give yourself this Valentine's Day

11 amazing gifts you absolutely have to give yourself this Valentine's Day

Who cares if you don't have a date for Valentine's Day this year – 2018 is all about self-love anyway. Remind yourself that your awesomeness doesn't depend on anyone else, pamper yourself at home on the 14th and get yourself a little gift. Take it as a chance to treat yourself, buy the thing you've been umming and ahhing about, or get something you would otherwise never buy for yourself.

Whether it's simply a tasty little morsel to enjoy for yourself or something that'll improve the quality of your #lifestyle for a long time, here are 11 presents you should buy yourself this Valentine's. Go on, you know you deserve a little something...

1. A nice bottle of wine

Double your usual budget and take a moment to read the tasting notes. Try and remember if it's merlots you prefer or pinot noirs, and if all else fails just pick one with a nice label to use as a candle holder later on. You'll really appreciate the extra thought you took to choose your beverage of choice later on.

wine valentines bottle red Credit: Pixabay

2. Really good makeup brushes

Throw out the manky, bristly makeup brushes you bought as a 5-pack for $10 more than a decade ago. You use the things every day, so you deserve to invest in a really nice, soft, and blogger-certified brush.

3. An expensive scented candle

Purchase one of the ones you always see on Instagram. Buy it, light it, and see how it changes your life (or just, you know, room...).

4. Chocolate – but the good stuff

Grab that top-shelf chocolate block with gold flakes that you always eye in the supermarket, or that decadent flavour of ice-cream that you've been wanting to try in the freezer section. Go on, give in to your temptation already.

5. Eye cream or serum

This often neglected little skin-care product is your friend. It'll keep the area around your eyes feeling fresh, plus applying eye-cream early on will lessen the effects of ageing. Kim Kardashian swears by this one, and it's less than $10.

valentines gifts self kim kardashian eye serum cream the ordinary Credit: The Ordinary

6. Flowers

Avoid the over-priced red roses and go for a quirky, colourful bunch. Or, if you want to make your love gesture to yourself last longer – opt for a pot plant.

7. A new vase

Because when would you ever think of buying this otherwise? Vases are usually only gifted by a wedding guest who doesn't know you very well, so don't wait for them and get yourself something nice now for the new bunch you just bought.

valentines gifts self vase flower home Credit: IKEA

8. Pyjamas

Upgrade your sleepwear from the gross old t-shirts you mix and match with various fraying pyjama shorts. Pick a cute set with really good quality cotton, or opt for a slinky little night-slip.

valentines gifts self silk pyjamas missguided Credit: Missguided

9. Fancy bubble bath

Get one of those crazy bath bombs from Lush, or just go for the most delicious-smelling product on the shelf without looking at the price tag (but do, just in case it's going to cost you like $150).

10. Sexy underwear

Even if no-one sees it, buy it so you have the "tee-hee I'm so naughty" feeling when you're walking around town wearing smoking hot lingerie. There's no better way to add a spring to your step.

11. New perfume

Because you notice you're wearing perfume so much more when your nostrils aren't used to the usual one you put on. So pick something yummy, get yourself smelling good and I promise you'll be so happy you're your own date.

Peh, who needs a lover anyone? You know yourself better than anyone, so of course you're going to pick the best gifts. Happy Valentines Day!