11 Female travel Instagrammers you need to follow before you decide your next vacation

11 Female travel Instagrammers you need to follow before you decide your next vacation

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with professional Instagrammers – I mean, how unfair is it that their whole job revolves around them taking nice pictures and uploading them to Instagram? And it's only made more unfair when they specialise in travel photography. Jetting around the globe, staying in fancy ice hotels in northern Scandinavia and ocean-view suites on the Greek islands... it must be an absolute dream

But it is their full-time job, and most of these girls have worked their butts off to build a following and consistently produce beautiful content for us to oggle at. Here are 11 of the best female travel Instagrammers out there right now, but don't blame me if you open up a new tab immediately to check out flight prices. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Selena - @finduslost

Selena and her now-husband Jacob packed up from the US to move to Amsterdam to make it easier to travel from country to country – and thank god they did because the pictures do not disappoint.

2. Tara - @taramilktea

If you need inspo for the coolest hotels and accommodation spots all around the world, look no further. I'm talking glamping, sleek modern suites, infinity pools, views of snow-capped mountains,  and back-of-a-pimped-van style digs.

3. Lee - @spiritedpursuit

Here's your go-to if you're looking to travel somewhere tropical on your next vaycay (yes please!) Lee's usually seen lounging around the jungle, or the pool and is often surrounded by a spread of delicious-looking delicacies.

4. Emilie - @helloemilie

Locations with otherworldly colours, silhouettes, and an enviable selection of hats make Emilie's feed seriously wanderlust-worthy.

5. Elise - @roundtheworldgirl

You can bet Elise's next upload will involve her hiking, climbing, swimming or paddling through some kind of wilderness. She's a traveller keen on staying active and exploring the great outdoors.

6. Hayley - @haylsa

Hayley's photos are super vibrant and she just seems like a really fun person to travel with or bump into at an ouzo bar in Greece.

7. Nicola - @polkadotpassport

Here's an Instagrammer who's refreshingly humble in her posts – she's not afraid to speak about the travel mishaps everyone experiences, and she doesn't hold back on those oh dayum pinch yourself moments when she finds somewhere offensively gorgeous, either.

8. Veera - @veerabianca

This baller blogger started her travelling lifestyle after moving to Hong Kong five years ago. Now, she's jet-setting across the world with a daring, honest, and curious attitude.

9. Renee - @reneeroaming

Expect outdoorsy, adventurous photos filled with animals, road-trips, mountains and that surreally soft light that makes you question whether she's really travelling on earth.

10. Lauren - @laurenepbath

Lauren chooses not to put the spotlight on herself, but the locations she visits with her seriously incredible nature photography are usually captured at sunrise or sunset.

11. Lauren - @gypsealust

If you like your travel pics with a side of boho fashion, vegan food and the odd Instagram boyfriend, this one's for you.

Well, did you make it through without hastily grabbing your passport and sunhat? Me neither. Bon voyage to us all.