11 things women do in movies that never actually happen in real life

11 things women do in movies that never actually happen in real life

As much as we love our movie nights with chick flicks and action films alike, you can't help but notice how many cliches there are. Every character in our favourite movies is stupidly good looking, and most conversations are too devoid of awkwardness to be realistic.

The majority of characters we see in films each have their own stereotype, and when it comes to female roles, they can be totally absurd.

From looking absolutely stunning round the clock – even when the world is about to end – to being really melodramatic, here are 11 things women always seem to be doing in movies that would never actually happen in real life.

1. Being 20-something and being able to afford to live in a shabby-chic loft apartment in an expensive city

It might have something to do with the awesome high-exec jobs they've somehow nabbed while seemingly being straight out of college.

2. Sexily shaking your hair out

Tbh, it's usually stuck in the elastic, and I'm pulling a face while trying to get it out without ripping half my hair out.

3. No-one eats anything

On a date or over brunch with friends – the waiters bring the food over, they take one bite... And then they don't touch it for the rest of the conversation. What kind of crazy people do that when going out for a meal?

4. Looking cute while working out

Typically jogging or maybe doing a yoga class, movie characters always look gorgeous while working out. But for the physique most actresses have, a more appropriate workout should have them gasping for breath and looking like a sweaty, red-faced mess.

5. Girls finding creepiness romantic

Have you ever noticed that their love interests are actually kind of stalker-y in how much they observe, talk about, and lament over the character before asking her out?

Not to mention that most girls act like they're totally cool and sure about a dude when they ask them on a date without so much as a brief conversation beforehand. Still, she'll undoubtedly answer with "I'd like that".

6. One night stands with a stranger where you miraculously climax at exactly the same time

They'll fall back into the pillows panting, but with not a drop of sweat, nor her makeup smudged whatsoever. The bra stayed on the whole time too, btw.

8. Always forgetting to bring a jacket just so her beau can put his over her shoulders like a gentleman

As if these women are so unbothered that they don't open the window, or check the weather before they head out.

9. Wearing towering high heels on occasions like lunch with your grandma or entering into combat with a villain

They're usually able to run in them without breaking anything too.

11. Or they meet the right man

Along comes Mr. Right and BOOM! you've had an epiphany about life, you're promoted at work, your dog has puppies and you can finally make amends with your estranged sister.

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but have you ever done any of those things?