11 Travel destinations every woman needs to tick off her bucket list

11 Travel destinations every woman needs to tick off her bucket list

If you're in dire need of a holiday but don't know where to go next, then look no further. Here are 11 destinations that every woman needs to visit in her lifetime – for the adventure, the food, the Instagram opportunities and just to see parts of the world that'll inspire you to be more awesome in life.

Whether you like going on your own and meeting other backpackers along the way, or if you have a go-to girlfriend with whom you love to fly around the world with, this list is for you.

1. Tokyo, Japan

This hyperactive neon-lit city is too much fun to miss. But aside from drunken karaoke sessions and escapades through the quirky streets of Harajuku, the city is balanced with quiet spaces and old Japanese traditions. Don't miss the many temples, and go for a stroll along the quiet boutique shops in Nakameguro - which is a spectacle during sakura season.

2. Cusco, Peru

Cusco is the old capital of the Inca Empire and it's known for its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture. Located in the Peruvian Andes, Cusco is the best spot to stay and base yourself to visit Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. Don't forget to get yourself an alpaca wool scarf to bring back home too.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Spend your days in the design capital of the world by visiting local fashion boutiques and homeware stores between pitstops at trendy cafes in the hip Södermalm neighbourhood. They have a thing called "fika", a daily event which means "to have coffee", usually accompanied with pastries, cake or a cinnamon bun.

4. The Whitsundays, Australia

Sun, sea, stupidly white sand and the Great Barrier Reef? You'd be crazy not to visit this part of the world. Snooze in a hammock during the heat of the day, and then jump on a boat to head out and dive among world-class coral and tropical fish.

5. Berlin, Germany

The grungy German capital offers the usual Deutsch suspects – beer gardens and currywurst – while also showcasing great shopping, vegan cafes, quirky art and a defunct airport right next to the trendy Kreuzberg neighbourhood where you can cycle, picnic and sunbathe all day long.

6. Melbourne, Australia

The cultural centre of Australia has been likened to Berlin and New York, but of course, with that classic Aussie charm (and climate), it's something of its own. Find secret entrances to amazing restaurants along the famously graffitied laneways, and make the most of the various rooftop and riverside hangouts in the summer months.

7. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Everyone has to go on a safari at one point in their lives, and this is one of the best places to see all the animals you've only ever seen in the zoo.

8. Tuscany, Italy

Get away from the hoards of tourists and stay in the countryside on an olive farm where they prepare food from their own garden and with ingredients sourced within a 10km radius. With vineyards, rolling hills and cute castle towns all around, you shouldn't dare to miss a trip like this.

9. Pokhara, Nepal

Located on the doorstep of the Himalayas (you can see the towering mountains from everywhere in this region), Pokhara is a must-do for any adventurous gal seeking to hike one of the world's most picturesque mountain ranges.

10. Paris, France

Yes, Paris is known as the city of love, but going solo can be just as romantic. Channel your inner Parisian chic and take yourself out for croissants and coffee in the morning, and spend the day meandering through different art museums at your own pace.

11. Rishikesh, India

Yes, yoga retreats in Bali are nice but chances are you'll go there for someone's wedding at some point in your life. Go instead to Rishikesh, a beautiful town in India and the very birthplace of yoga. You may even finally master the wounded peacock pose.

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