17 Tweets about being a mother that are hilarious but also too real

17 Tweets about being a mother that are hilarious but also too real

Mums deserve a lot more recognition for everything they do. I mean, if carrying an unborn child in their womb for the good part of a year wasn't enough, then there's the actual feat of childbirth, and the gruelling first few months of learning how to comfort and sustain your crying, vomiting and pooping darling.

And even once they're able to walk and talk for themselves, things don't get much easier. The terrible twos turn into their threenage years, and from then on it's carting them to and from child-care centres, school, and sports matches. Need I even mention the time when children blossom into teenagers?

While some mothers are lucky enough to have a supportive partner to help them out with the kids, that still doesn't mean that there's any less pressure on her to carry on with her career, lose the pregnancy weight, cook wholesome meals and raise her offspring in a generally acceptable manner.

But most mums are more than capable of doing it, which is a true testament to their strength. Some mothers even manage to do all that and share their experiences through hilariously composed tweets. See for yourself here:

1. "Darling this is why you should look after your stuff more carefully"

2. I'm onto you...

3. We can learn so much from our kids

4. I'd say that's generally frowned upon

5. Motherhood teaches you to appreciate a whole new mindset

6. MomBot 3000™

7. Oops

8. Oh, to dream

9. It's so true that it's kind of not funny

10. Jeez, Karen

11. We don't do it by the book 'round here

12. It's a proven statistic

13. Own it, girl

14. And don't forget the medals for those to manage to do it all with kids in tow

15. The rules start to get a bit more relaxed...

16. The stuff of nightmares

17. And finally...

Can anyone else relate over here?