26-year-old model becomes a serial cheater with the wealthy after her boyfriend was unfaithful

26-year-old model becomes a serial cheater with the wealthy after her boyfriend was unfaithful

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but that isn't always true. Sometimes, you've got to deal with things while they're still fresh - and nobody knows that better than Lacey Jay.

Jay, a 26-year-old model from Surrey, England, encountered a spot of difficulty in her personal life when she discovered that her 27-year-old boyfriend had been seeing other women behind her back. However, rather than let the issue stew for a while, she decided to react immediately... by having an affair of her own.

Her "revenge cheating" antics soon got the better of her, though, and now she claims that she is "addicted" to getting it on with married men.

lacey jay serial affairs

"I'm now addicted to having affairs," she said. "I've got a taste for richer, older men now and I don't think I will be able to stop - and they are all men who wanted to embark on affairs before I came along."

Jay's first fling was with a stockbroker 10 years her senior, and the experience spurred her on to pursue other men of a similar profile. Despite being so caught up in her new lifestyle, the 26-year-old claims that she would never have thought of going behind someone's back before the incident with her own partner happened.

"It all happened by accident when my boyfriend started cheating on me with a string of other girls," she claimed. "I suspected he was up to no good because he changed the PIN on his phone and he started going out more frequently with his mates."

"I wanted to trust him but some friends tipped me off one night and I caught him red-handed with another girl," she added.

lacey jay serial affairs

Jay says that she gave her cheating boyfriend a chance, but he didn't show any sure signs that he was willing to change;

"He promised he would not do it again and that he would remain faithful but still refused to give his phone PIN so I could check who he had been speaking to. He is typical of men my own age - none of them can be trusted and they have no respect for women.

"They just treat us as sex objects. I think it is all down to the porn they watch all the time on their phones."

It sort of seems a little contradictory that Jay is now doing the exact same thing to other women, and has even signed up to a dating site which specifically pairs up married and single people.

lacey jay serial affairs

"I don't see the harm in them enjoying some discreet sex and exciting dates. I am certainly not a home wrecker and would never date a man who had not been unfaithful before," she said. "I don't want to break up anyone's marriage - I just want to have some fun with men who treat me properly. I've had it with men of my own age."

Jay is currently seeing three different men - all of whom are married - and has no intention of quitting anytime soon.

Call it hypocritical, call it heartless, call it what you want; Jay just calls it "fun".