9 Secrets of women who smell good all the time

9 Secrets of women who smell good all the time

I'm just putting this out there fully aware that I may sound like a creep, but damn can I appreciate a person who smells good. A person with BO: please sort that out. A neutral-smelling person: eh, well done on maintaining your personal hygiene. But a person who smells delicious: here's a high five and a universal thank you from everyone who gets to take a whiff and bask in your glorious scent.

But how do they achieve that clean, pleasant and not-too-overpowering aroma all day long? Well, the secret comes down to bathing regularly (obviously) and taking special care with how they select and apply their perfume. So listen up, because this is how to do it.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

Dry skin will drink up all your perfume, so make sure your skin is well moisturised beforehand so it sticks around for longer. Drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside too, and as a bonus your breath will smell good also (bad breath usually comes from having a dry mouth).

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2. Spray where it counts

Don't just spritz your wrists and leave it at that. You want to be applying perfume to the warmer areas of your body – over your torso, the small of your back, in your belly button (yep!) as well as behind the knees and ears – because the heat helps develop the scent so that all the notes are fully brought out.

3. And spray it when it counts

The best time is straight after showering because the extra moisture on your damp skin will hold the perfume better and for longer. Plus you won't risk ruining your jewellery or your favourite silk shirt.

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4. Choose wisely

How good you smell obviously comes down to the scent you choose. Eau de Toilette has a lower concentration of fragrant oils than an Eau de Parfum, and the cheap stuff you can get at places like Zara has even less. All this relates to how strong the perfume smells, and for how long it will last.

The same goes for particular scent notes – citrusy ones won't last as long as those that smell spicier or more woody (think sandalwood).

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5. Don't rub your wrists together

Perfume is a delicate thing, and rubbing it into your skin not only rubs it off a little, but it also breaks down the top notes of the scent, meaning you'll only be able to smell the middle and base notes. That's like biting into a sandwich when most of the filling is missing!

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6. Think layers, like an onion (or not)

Just like a fine glass of wine, give yourself some intricate tasting notes by washing yourself with fragranced shower gel and moisturising with delicious smelling lotions and oils. Building layers of fragrance like this will create a unique scent that should last all day.

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7. Get great smelling hair

Unwashed hair can start to smell pretty yucky after a little while, so just go and wash it for pete's sake, or at least spray it with a delectable smelling dry shampoo or hairspray. Better yet – run a little bit of fragranced oil through the ends after you've washed it and the scent should last for ages

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8. Make your home smell good

Choose the more expensive, nice-smelling washing detergent and spray your wardrobe, your sheets and your couch with a pillow spray or room fragrance. You know how people who smoke a lot or own a dog can sometimes smell a bit iffy? Well, yeah – turns out it's easy to smell like our surroundings.

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9. Reapply

Well, duh. Keep a sample-sized bottle in your bag, ideally with a rollerball applicator so you don't irk the delicate nostrils of your colleagues when refreshing your perfume before skipping off to dinner.

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Well, there are no excuses for not smelling divine all day long now.