Bride tells guests to wear their old wedding dresses again to prove a point about 'bridezillas'

Bride tells guests to wear their old wedding dresses again to prove a point about 'bridezillas'

If you've attended your fair share of nuptials, you'll understand that weddings are stressful at the best of times. More often than not, the so-called "joyous" affair descends into near chaos - and regardless of whether this is because it proves impossible to please your in-laws, or make everything fit into a tight budget - one this is guaranteed: it never goes to plan.

One bride, however, embraced this fact, and was determined to do things her own way - as well as break certain taboos in the process.

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Certainly, while "bridezillas" seem to be having a moment in the press, Jesse and Audrey Lumen proved that some couples are able to celebrate their love, and not aggravate anyone in the process.

"There’s so much pressure to do a “traditional” wedding even if that doesn’t represent your relationship," the newlyweds wrote on Imgur, where they posted gorgeous photos of their wedding.

It was their dress code, however, that proved to be the most unique thing about their nuptials.

"We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, so we invited all the women coming to our non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again! My wife is the one sitting front and center – she designed her own dress and was inspired by Cinderella and Elsa," Jesse explained.

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The unconventional dress code didn't just stop there, however. "In contrast, my groomsmen and I wore Tuxedo print hoodies, because honestly who wants to wear a tux?" he continued continued.

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The couple also went above and beyond to ensure their guests were entertained.

"We love movies and TV, so we set up a theater concessions “sugar bar” for our guests and played movie soundtracks and theme songs for our reception," the groom elaborated. "We had skee ball and arcade games for our guests young and old! Of course we had to have The Simpsons arcade game since it was a staple of my childhood. And some classic video games as well!"

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And it didn't just end there;

"Once the ceremony was done, the whole wedding party put on costumes to join many of our guests who were already in costume!

Some choice costumes included Duff Man, Spider-Pig, a mermaid, Spock, a burrito, and Max from Where the Wild Things Are just to name a few."

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"There were many more highlights including a French Fry bar, an awards ceremony (for things like best costume, best dog not in attendance, best best mother of the groom, etc.), and 18 unique wedding cakes each decorated by our guests and wedding party at our rehearsal dinner. We threw the wedding we always wanted to go to, and we think it was a great success!" Jesse concluded.

Now, I think we can all agree that quirky, unconventional weddings are the way to go...