How much does a wedding cost in the UK? Average price of the big day revealed

How much does a wedding cost in the UK? Average price of the big day revealed

You'll probably want to take a seat as we reveal the average cost of a wedding in the UK.

But before we do, we'd just like to a highlight a study that may offer some reassurance to those who aren't planning to splash the cash.

According to economics professors Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M Mialo, couples who spend more on their nuptials are more likely to get divorced. Their survey of 3,000 brides and grooms found that those who spend less than £753 on their weddings saw a dramatic fall in their chances of separating later down the line.

So keep that in mind as you prepare to digest how much a wedding costs in the UK in 2021...

Wedding The costs of weddings in the UK is on the up (Credit: Unsplash)

How much does a wedding cost in the UK?

The average cost of a wedding in the UK is a staggering £31,974. Ouch! This is according to wedding planning website Hitched, which interviewed 2,800 couples regarding how much they were spending on their big day as part of its annual National Wedding Survey.

Hitched pointed out that this figure doesn't include beauty-related costs. And as you may expect, this is one expense that quickly clocks up, when you factor in trial runs, and how many bridesmaids you may have.

The wedding planners highlighted that their latest findings showed that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now a whopping £5k up from 2017. That year, couples spent around £27,161 on their big day.

So what were the biggest offenders? The publication reports that more money was spent on the venue, honeymoon, and "minimoon". To break it down:

  • Venue – £5,406
  • Honeymoon – £4,645
  • Food – £3,887
  • Engagement ring – £2,419
  • Drink – £1,587
  • Wedding dress/outfit of choice– £1,313
  • Photography – £1,155
  • Minimoon -  £1,135
  • Entertainment and music – £1,005
  • Video – £968

Unfortunately, as Hitched details, this also meant that many couples had to receive financial assistance from their parents.

Wedding venue Why not save yourself some cash by creating your own decorations? (Credit: Unsplash)

How much should you budget for a wedding?

Based on the figure listed for 2019, you're likely thinking that you have to save a lot to get hitched, but this isn't always the case.

Ultimately, it's up to you and your partner how much you want to spend. Sure, some opt to go the full hog and splash out on everything from the flowers to the invites, but others are able to keep to a tight budget and still wow themselves, and their guests.

At Four Nine, we believe that any ceremony that succeeds in showcasing the love between two people is the perfect wedding. 

That being said, it's always helpful to know some little tricks that can help you stick to a budget.

So we've put useful some tips that could help you save a pretty penny on your big day...

couple getting married Couples who spend less on their wedding are less likely to later get divorced (Credit: Unsplash)

1. Pick your day carefully

Famously, the most popular day to get married is a Saturday. Once you're aware of this, you can make massive savings by opting for a weekday.

Ceremonies held Monday through Thursday normally aren't considered by couples because they are less comfortable asking guests to take time off work to attend.

This means that venues and vendors will have less expensive rates on weekdays, as well as on Sundays.

Wedding cost UK (Credit: Pexels) Consider your wedding date carefully as it could save you money (Credit: Pexels)

2. Avoid the height of summer

Remember, "wedding season" runs from May to October. And the most popular months to tie the knot are July and August.

By choosing a weekday at a low-season time, Hitched reports that you can save a whopping £4,500.

Choosing a wedding date between November and April can help you make significant savings. And if you can narrow it down even further to a December, January, February, or March date, even better.

Wedding cost UK (Credit: Pexels) The wedding venue is the likely most expensive choice you'll have to make  (Credit: Pexels)

3. Purchase your own alcohol or opt for a cash bar

Alcohol can be one of the most expensive factors when it comes to getting married. And if you want to scrimp here, offer your guests a cash bar.

This means that not only can they drink exactly what they want, but you're also less likely to spend too much by overestimating how much booze to provide.

Another option is to bring your own alcohol. It's generally cheaper to source it from a wholesaler or supermarket, but be aware that some venues do charge corkage if you go down this route.

Wedding cost UK (Credit: Pexels) Ultimately, all that matters is that the bride and groom are happy (Credit: Pexels)

4. Get crafty!

Buying decorations can quickly get expensive. So if you're willing – and have a few friends to help out – why not DIY it?

Even simple things like placing tea lights in mason jars and throwing oven-dried petals over seats and tables can add to the aesthetic of your venue.

And it's a fun group activity to boot!