Kesha's makeup-free selfie has gone viral for the most inspirational reason

Kesha's makeup-free selfie has gone viral for the most inspirational reason

While a new year inspires many of us to channel the whole "new year new me" schtick, after setting resolutions year after year and failing miserably, you eventually realise one of two things; that the "new year" is a wholly arbitrary date, and that putting so much pressure on yourself to lose weight or find love will inevitably backfire.

As such, people have been marking the new year in a different way. Rather than finding something to better, certain individuals have chosen to lean into and accept themselves, flaws and all. Case in point: Kesha's latest Instagram post.

On Tuesday, the 31-year-old took to Instagram and Twitter to post a makeup-free selfie - with a message. In lieu of lofty new year's resolutions, Kesha vowed to love and accept herself, as well as to let her freckles "liiiiiiiive".

"This year my resolution is to love myself...  just as I am, all fucked up and imperfect and whatever else. And to let my freckles liiiiiiiive," read the caption. The snap has garnered over 145,000 likes on Twitter, and 13,000 retweets, and it has even inspired her fans to post their own makeup-free selfies in response.

"Yasssss Queen," commented one social media user, while another added "Yes it’s time to love ourselves! Also, I love YOU!"

But as well as sharing makeup-free selfies in solidarity, fans also opened up about their own insecurities.

"I've as many/more freckles as you! I was so embarrased as a little girl. My daddy said some day they'll blend into the perfect tan [...] I just think how different it would be for us if one of our idols would have gone natural! How many "imperfections" would've made us feel perfect," asserted one Twitter user, and another corroborated "Freckles are literally so pretty, I love mine and even when I hated the way I looked the one thing I liked about my body were my freckles. Lucky I learned to love myself and my body."

This is not the first time that Kesha has been outspoken about her journey towards self-acceptance. Speaking to Cosmopolitan in 2018 about her body confidence issues, she stated "I am a strong, badass, motherfucking woman, and quite frankly, I like my junk. Ten years ago, I never thought I’d be able to say that."
Here's to a year of embracing ourselves, warts and all!