Mom covers baby, docs, and walls in huge 'poo explosion' during intense labor

Mom covers baby, docs, and walls in huge 'poo explosion' during intense labor

After undergoing fertility treatment, Izzy Fox and her partner Luke welcomed their first child into the world last year.

The pregnancy was happy and healthy, but what happened in the delivery room was quite unexpected. As her son, Freddie, entered the world, the 28-year-old mom unleashed a huge "explosion" of poo that splattered the doctors and nurses. (You don't normally see that during childbirth scenes in the movies!)

Figuring childbirth was "going to be pretty awful anyway," Izzy didn't have a birth plan. By the time she went into labor, she was already ten days overdue, with her water breaking at 1 am.

"The midwife asked me to go and provide a wee sample, and this is when the poo started," Izzy recounted in an essay for The Huffington Post. "I couldn’t help but push a poo out into the tray because of all the pressure. The midwives just laughed it off and waited for me to just provide some pee."

"By 7 am my contractions were getting really close together and causing a lot of pressure," she continued.

"I was pooing with every contraction and the midwives were very subtly swiping it away. Unfortunately, my arse was facing Luke most of the time so he also had the pleasure of watching a log fall out every minute or so. I also had to keep switching sides as my cervix wasn’t dilating evenly, and people were starting to get a little more concerned as the baby’s heart rate kept dropping."

At 12 pm, the doctor gave her an episiotomy, a surgical cut used to quickly enlarge the opening so the baby can pass through. Since the infant still wasn't budging, forceps were inserted, causing massive pain and an "explosion."

"I tore and exploded poo, womb stuff and blood all over the doctor, walls, and floor," Izzy wrote.

"My baby landed on top of me covered in gunk and opened his little eyes and looked at me. He was covered in my poo, his poo, blood, and god knows what else. My first words were: 'I love you, but you’re disgusting'."

Izzy and Luke named their son Freddie and have shared some adorable family photos on Instagram. Her candid story about childbirth is not something many would want to read during lunch, but mothers find it eminently relatable. Who knows, maybe we all entered the world covered in poo, and just never heard about it. For some parents, what happens in the delivery room stays in the delivery room.

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