Parents are sharing photos of themselves before and after having kids and the difference is hysterical

Parents are sharing photos of themselves before and after having kids and the difference is hysterical

As any parent will tell you, having kids has a huge impact on a person's life. And, considering that becoming a mama or papa (or any other cutesy-sounding equivalent) entails reorienting your life to center around someone else instead of yourself, it's no surprise that this is the case.

There are the obvious changes that happen, of course: the family home slowly becomes filled with a large collection soft toys, the once-pristine walls and furnishings gradually become marked or chipped, and - at least once a month - someone will see their life flash before their eyes when they experience the pain of stepping on a misplaced lego brick.

But welcoming a little one into your life has far more of an impact than we might immediately notice. To prove that point, the Instagram account "Got Toddlered" shares pictures of people before and after they had kids and the posts speak for themselves.

1. From death metal to dead tired

2. This mom looks like she has a lot on her mind

3. Not everybody can flaunt dad chic as effortlessly as this

4. Beer > baby

5. Having kids makes taking selfies that little bit harder

6. If there was one image to sum up motherhood, it'd be this

7. The kid is definitely the boss of this household

8. They lied

9. Life's a scream when you've got a small human at your side

10. You don't need to go out anymore when your kid makes your whole life a party

11. You've got to hand it to this woman: she really commits to taking a silly photo

12. Party hard

13. This mom kept her style and got a couple of new accessories along the way

14. Solid family effort with the facial expressions

15. It isn't just the parents that suffer

16. Say what you want about having kids - at least they make life interesting

17. Life comes at you fast

Whether you're a parent or not, these pictures definitely speak volumes about how kids can change a person's lifestyle. If you do have kids, take this as a reminder that you're not alone. And if you don't, maybe take this as an opportunity to call up your parents and thank them for putting up with you for all those years. After all, they were probably cool before you came around.