Rihanna shares body-positive campaign for new lingerie line

Rihanna shares body-positive campaign for new lingerie line

Rihanna is one of many celebrities to use their fame in order to move into other business ventures on the side. Just like many of the most glamorous female celebrities – including most of the Kardashian sisters – the singer launched her own makeup line in September last year. Only, Rihanna did something very different.

Fenty was an instant best-seller and quickly made headlines because not only did it cater for skin tones in the most extensive range of shades seen before, but the products were actually good. The singer said on the Fenty website that she saw "a void in the industry for products that performed across all skin types and tones", and so sought to create products for everyone, including those with difficult-to-match skin tones.

And now, Rihanna has fans giddy with excitement again because she's hinting at a new range of products – this time in the form of lingerie. Keeping on with her now world-famous brand name Fenty (which is Rihanna's surname, btw), the 30-year-old has been teasing a range of lingerie products on her new Savage x Fenty Instagram.

It's due to launch on May 11, and while we haven't seen much from the teaser videos, it looks like Rihanna is making simple but sexy basics, as well as some raunchier stuff including a gorgeous pink lace bodysuit modelled by Rihanna herself, plus what looks like bridal undergarments.

But the most exciting thing of all is that – like her beauty line – Fenty x Savage will be super inclusive. Fans had suspected that the already-hyped brand would include a broad range of sizes, but unlike other brands, Rihanna just confirmed that the campaign for her new lingerie line would not just exclusively include slender models with modest bosoms. In a new video uploaded to Instagram yesterday, it confirmed that one of the main missions of the brand is to encourage body positivity and inclusion.

It stars plus-sized model Audrey Ritchie, who is filmed lounging like a queen in a Savage set on a couch, while a recording of her talking candidly about her body and self-empowerment is played over the top. "I have really giant boobs," she says in the video. "They were double-Ds by the time I was in the eighth grade."

She also speaks about how the right lingerie can make you feel super good about yourself: "whichever gender you choose to have sex with, you should be proud and find yourself sexually." The fact that before Savage, many women found it difficult to find sexy underwear that fit, means it'll be so much easier for many women to express themselves in that way.

And judging by the comments, people are loving it. "YAASSSS!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! BIG GIRLS' SIZE MATTER TOO!" one person wrote, while another added: "Omg finally something for my type of body." Someone else was totally into the campaign's message: "This is what sexy looks and FEELS like. Thank you @badgalriri for making people feel their ultimate in their own skin."

The brand's site has an option to sign up for info before the brand's launch, including the option to pre-fill your size. They'll be able to gauge the sizes of interested customers, meaning they'll be able to tailor products specifically to them. Right now, the website states that bra sizes will range from 32A to a 44DD, and underwear sizes will go from an extra-small to a 3X. "Other" is also listed as an option for people to fill in.

Get your credit cards at the ready ladies, this is going to be big!