The 'Side Profile Selfie' campaign encourages women to embrace their large noses

The 'Side Profile Selfie' campaign encourages women to embrace their large noses

The times really are a-changin' right now, with plus-size models being asked to participate in more and more fashion campaigns and runway shows, and with Sports Illustrated publishing their first ever unedited photos in this year's Swimsuit issue. Brands are finally starting to accept that people are tired of seeing the same unattainable ideals of "beauty" and are demanding that models reflect the everyday woman.

And while we see that in a greater diversity of body types, skin-colours and so-called "imperfections" like stretch-marks, a new campaign is pushing for better representation of the different shapes and sizes of one body part in particular – the nose.

The #SideProfileSelfie campaign was created by freelance journalist Radhika Sanghani, who pointed out that we rarely see models or celebrities with larger noses celebrated for their beauty, leaving her and her larger-than-average nose feeling misrepresented. She said she used to hate her nose, and like many of us, manipulated the angle of the camera and how she positioned her face to capture selfies that would conceal its true shape.

"Every time I see a camera I know exactly how to position myself so my nose isn’t captured on film in its full, crooked glory. I know I’m not the only one," she wrote in an article about the campaign for Grazia.

She took to Twitter to share her idea for the new campaign, which encourages people to take a selfie from a side angle to show off the size and shape of their nose without any optical tricks.

"Breaking the big nose taboo with my new campaign on the #sideprofileselfie!!" she wrote on Twitter to accompany her own photo. "Let’s stop hating our noses for not being tiny, little snubs and learn to love them by sharing a #sideprofileselfie".

"It’s been so freeing to not hide from side profile photos anymore and to actually just like my face," Radhika told Mashable. "So what I really want is for women to share their own #sideprofileselfie and start to celebrate their noses."

"I just hope that it helps some of them love their noses and show big noses can be beautiful," she added.

And it seems it has really helped inspire people to learn to appreciate their noses a bit more, with many people supporting the campaign by posting their own selfies. They thanked Radhika for starting the conversation, writing things like "this has made me want to love my nose more" and "since I was little I’ve had issues with self confidence due to my nose". Take a look at the incredible response yourself!

Radhika says she's been "blown away" by the photos, and some women have even messaged her privately to say "they love the campaign but don’t feel ready yet to do their own #sideprofileselfie."

"I've actually got really emotional reading these messages because I can completely relate to them all, and I just hope one day these women feel able to own their noses like I have mine," she said.

Ultimately, Radhika hopes brands will begin to accept that all kinds of noses are beautiful and start to reflect that in their images too.

"On a wider level I also hope it reaches the fashion and entertainment industries so they start to give more high profile opportunities to larger nosed ladies."