Teenager does promposal themed after YouTube beauty guru

Teenager does promposal themed after YouTube beauty guru

It's prom season, when teenagers get dressed up in tuxedos and ballgowns that they think look super cool, but twenty years later, when they look at the photos, they'll probably crack up laughing. When I was in high school, just asking someone to prom was nerve-wracking enough. But today's teenagers show off their creativity with elaborate 'promoposals,' a theatrical way to ask their beloved to the big dance - usually themed after a shared interest.

Chicago teenager Julian Ramirez decided to ask out his classmate, Alize. Knowing that she loved makeup, he created a promposal inspired by her favorite YouTube beauty guru, Bretman Rock. The 18-year-old surprised Alize with a highlighter palette from Bretman Rock's Morphe collection. In addition, he held a sweet sign: "Make me blush by being the highlight to my prom?" Those perfect puns laid down the foundation to her saying yes.

promposal Credit: Twitter

"She’s very into makeup and absolutely adores Bretman Rock — we both do — so when he came out with his product, I knew I had to get it for her," Julian explained to Teen Vogue. "The idea actually came from her best friend, Samantha, who mentioned it to me, and [from there] my mind was set on it."

Born in the Philippines, Bretman Rock moved to Hawaii when he was seven years old. He says his dad was a big fan of wrestling, and named him after WWF superstars Bret Hart and The Rock. After sharing a contouring tutorial on YouTube, the video went viral. While most beauty gurus are women, Bretman skyrocketed to fame with his cosmetic tutorials. Currently his YouTube channel has over 100 million views, and 1.9 million subscribers.

Bretman Rock Credit: Morphe

Now Julian's gotten a little taste of Internet fame himself. He tweeted a photo of his Bretman Rock-themed promposal, with the caption, "Had to get her the brightest highlighter that was made on Earth." The tweet received over 20,000 likes, and even attracted the attention of Bretman himself, an outcome that Julian did not expect.

"[The tweet] was more for just my followers," says Julian. "But when Bretman retweeted it and commented on it, it blew up tremendously, which I wasn’t prepared for." After Julian tweeted his promposal, Bretman replied back, "Awweeeee." A direct response from their favorite YouTuber! You gotta love the Internet. The only thing that could make this better is if Bretman agreed to do Alize's makeup for the big night.

When asked what part of prom he's most excited for, Julian replied, "Probably the pictures! And looking fancy." After being treated like kids for so long, the teenagers get a chance to don formalwear and present themselves as adults. After one night, their fancy clothes will probably collect dust in the corner of their closet, never to be touched again. But who cares? The memories will last a lifetime, and the photos will provide a lot of laughter in a couple decades.