Woman's incredible birth story has the internet shook

Woman's incredible birth story has the internet shook

As a feat in itself, childbirth is a pretty epic achievement. After nine months of growing a whole new human in your body, you then have to go through the long and arduous process of getting said human out of you - and there aren't any easy ways of going about it.

Thankfully, though, modern medical techniques have allowed people to welcome their children into the world in a slightly less traumatic manner - but those services aren't always available to everyone.

Tia Freeman, a new mother from Nashville, Tennesee, knows this all too well, as she recently had to give birth in her hotel room with nobody other than Dr Google to help her out.

In a thread of Tweets, Freeman explained her ordeal in great detail - and it's somehow hilarious, cringe-worthy, and heartwarming all at once.

Freeman starts off by explaining that although she knew she was pregnant, she had only recently found out (despite being in her third trimester), and was still slightly in denial about the whole thing. So, when it came time for her to venture off on her pre-booked vacation to Germany, as she explained, "ya girl was not about to waste international flight money."

However, things started going wrong for her on the 14-hour journey when it came to ordering her in-flight meal. As a vegetarian, Freeman didn't have any options to suit her diet on the menu, but she knew she couldn't go the whole time without eating, so she requested the salmon and prayed it wouldn't make her sick.

Unfortunately, it did. Or, at least, she thought it did.

Not one to panic, though, Freeman decided to deal with the matter head-on... by taking a nap. When she awoke, though, her cramps had not gone away - and there was even more chaos to face.

"So anyway I make it until we land but when I wake up the cramps have gotten worse and I’m like okay I just want to make it to my hotel," she explained. "Its my layover and I’m only here (Istanbul, Turkey) for 17hrs. But getting through customs took FOREVVVVVVVERRRRR."

While waiting in line, she begins to realize that the discomfort she's feeling seems a little extreme for food poisoning - and then it hits her: she might be in labor. So she Googles her symptoms and, whaddya know, turns out the heavily pregnant woman is, indeed, ready to pop.

"I start talking to myself like b*tch what you’re not gonna do is give birth on the airport floor," she wrote. "So you need to get it together & make it to your hotel."

Now, most of us (or dare I say basically all of us) would probably go into full-on panic mode at that moment. I'd be knocking on neighbor's doors, frantically miming some indication that I needed to go to the hospital, and, in all likeliness, calling my mom.

But not Freeman.

Instead of freaking out, she watched a YouTube tutorial on how to deliver the kid, and, well... she did it. By herself. In the bathroom of a hotel room in Turkey. Apparently her contractions were far closer together than they should have been, and so - if she had been in a hospital - she would've given birth a lot earlier.

Of course, though, that was not the end of the story.

After that, Freeman went into detail about passing her placenta (which I won't put you through, but you can read it if you want by clicking through to her Twitter thread), and cutting the umbilical cord - which is apparently a lot tougher than it looks.

Following all this, the new mom decided it was time for some well-earned rest. So she took another nap.

When she awoke, she had no idea how she was going to get herself and her baby back home - but she thought that nobody would be better to ask than the airport, so she got herself in a cab and went down there. When she arrived, she faced more trouble, as the staff were not sure whether or not the baby was hers.

Fortunately, after some time and a lot of explaining, the new mom and her little one were allowed to go home.

Thankfully, everything turned out ok for Freeman and little Xavier. Plus, with what she's already been through, it sounds like she is more than equipped to be an excellent mom.