Man gets x-rated favours and booze for helping around the house, his 'reward chart' shows

Man gets x-rated favours and booze for helping around the house, his 'reward chart' shows

When you make the decision to start a family, it's usually expected that you do your bit as far as the cleaning and raising of children are concerned. You certainly aren't expected to be rewarded for carrying out your parenting/household duties - because, well, why would you be?

But this certainly isn't the case in every household.

In fact, one couple even made their own reward chart - or 'Daddy's Sticker Chart' as they call it - which offers x-rated favours, booze and other 'rewards' in exchange for helping out with household chores.

reward chart Credit: Reddit

"Chore chart for a husband," writes the Redditor who posted the chart. "I get that the spirit of this is humour, but it just makes me feel a little sick. It just doesn't feel right to offer up sexual intimacy for housework or child care. Could you imagine if this were a chore chart for a wife?? It also perpetuates the myth of the Incompetent Dad. Men don't need a reward chore chart like this to participate in the routine of activities of daily living, do they?"

So, according to the chart, if Daddy manages to wash the dishes a whole six times, he gets a 12-pack of his favourite beer, putting the toilet down for a 'respectable' six times get him a nag-free week, and changing nappies gets him a naked hula dance, courtesy of his loving wife. He also gets rewarded for giving the kids a bath, packing their lunches and hoovering the car seat.

Oh, and, as you can see from the last entry in the chart, he gets one specific sexual favour in return for cleaning up sick. Lovely.