Married At First Sight Australia cast have new partners – and they look so loved up

Married At First Sight Australia cast have new partners – and they look so loved up

Married at First Sight Australia has once again taken viewers on a wild ride. As season six draws to a close we're learning that marrying a complete stranger isn't always the most practial recipe for marital bliss.

This season – which was actually filmed two years ago – has all the drama we've come to expect from the reality television show. And what with all the cheating scandals and jaw-dropping walkouts, it's not a complete shock that many of the castmembers now have new partners.

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Nine) A lot of the Married At First Sight Australia cast members are now in new relationships (Credit: Nine)

Meet the Married At First Sight Australia cast's new partners

If you're curious, scroll on to meet the new boyfriends and girlfriends of the MAFSA season six contestants...

Matthew Bennett's new partner - Bela Jameson

On the show, Matthew tied the knot with Lauren Huntriss. Their relationship was smooth sailing for two weeks – until he revealed that he wasn't actually attracted to Lauren. Awkward.

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Now though, he looks happily coupled up with his new girlfriend Bela. Matthew's been sharing pictures of her since March of 2019 and in a recent Instagram post, he revealed that when her tourist visa ran out, she applied for a partner visa!

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Matthew Bennett and Bela Jamesona are smitten (Credit: Instagram)

Ning Sura's new partner - Kane Micallef

Ning was understandably devastated when her partner Mark Scrivens decided to end their relationship just ahead of their final vows.

Two years later, however, and Ning appears to be happier than ever with Kane. She made their relationship Instagram official in September of 2020, and she's since shared snaps of them with her children. Adorable.

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Ning Sura has found love with Kane Micallef (Credit: Instagram)

Mark Scrivens' new partner - Bianca Chatfield

Ning's ex, Mark, first shared a picture of him and his new girlfriend in September of 2019. And they look like they're still going strong almost two years later.

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Mark Scrivens is loved up with Bianca Chatfield (Credit: Instagram)

Jessika Power's new partner - Filip Poznanovic

After being matched with Mick on MAFSA and jumping ship for Dan, Jessika is now happily coupled up with one of her brother's friends, Filip Poznanovic.

"You came into my life unexpectedly but clearly, when I needed you the most. You have made me laugh and smile more in the small amount of time we’ve nurtured our relationship than I have in years [sic]," she wrote on Instagram to celebrate Filip's birthday this past January.

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"There’s never a dull day with you around and I see only a brighter future with you by my side [...] I will continue to encourage and push you to build, grow and manifest new goals and ideas just as you do to me, each and every day [sic]."

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Jessika Power's new partner is Filip Poznanovic(Credit: Instagram)

Dan Webbs' new partner - Amira Marotous

After it didn't pan out with Jessika, Dan now seems happily coupled up with Amira.

It's unclear from his Instagram how long they've been together, but in a recent post, Dan gushed: "When people say things happen for a reason, well this hot piece stood in the middle of my path.  I’m very grateful."

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Dan Webbs and Amira Marotous are couple goals (Credit: Instagram)

Mick Gould's new partner - Kayla Gray

Mick has been dating Kayla, who is a student nurse, since mid-2019. They regularly share pictures of each other and look very much in love. It seems Mick got his happily ever after in the end!

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Mick Gould is happy with new partner Kayla Gray(Credit: Instagram)

Cyrell Paule's new partner - Eden Daly

Cyrell found love with fellow reality TV alum, Eden Daly, who previously appeared on Love Island Australia. They share a son, Boston, who they welcomed in February of 2020.

Cyrell was initially matched up with Nic Jovanovic in MAFSA. However, they parted ways in week six.

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Cyrell Paule is very happy with Eden Daly (Credit: Instagram)

Bronson Norrish's rumoured partner - Hayley Wallis

While it's not confirmed, Bronson looks loved up on Instagram. He shared a picture of himself with Hayley - a 30-year-old from Perth - in September of 2020.

It was captioned: "Appreciate, protect & cherish what you have!" He added the tags, "#powercouple" and "#couplegoals."

Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: Instagram) Bronson Norrish and Hayley Wallis are in love (Credit: Instagram)

Well, they found love after all!

As the saying goes, you're going to kiss some frogs along the way...