Mom livid after daycare worker scrawls 'out of diapers' across toddler’s stomach

Mom livid after daycare worker scrawls 'out of diapers' across toddler’s stomach

A Florida mom has expressed her fury after picking up her young son from daycare, only to discover an employee had scrawled a rude reminder to the mother on her son's stomach.

Heather Chisum revealed that staff at her son's daycare include a daily report in her son's lunchbox as a means of communicating his behavior and/or any provisions he may require for the following day.

However, when the busy 23-year-old mom-of-two failed to read Sunday's report, she found the rude message written in ink on her son's stomach as she went to change his diaper on the Monday.

Hear what the mom had to say in the report below:

The obnoxious message written on Milo's stomach read: "Mom I'm out of diapers, pls read my report", in large green letters.

Furious over the discovery, the mom took to Facebook to ask for advice on the situation, revealing this isn't the first time this had happened. Chisum's full message read:

"So. I need opinions. Am I right to be furious about this? Or am I over reacting? I really need your opinions guys, because I’m about to barge in this daycare tomorrow morning and have some words.

"Everyday when I pick Fin and Milo up from daycare they put a daily report paper in Milos lunch box. It says what mood he was in for the day, what times they changed his diapers, and if he needs diapers or wipes.

"I’m a single mom with a full time job and two very young children. SUE ME FOR NOT READING THE REPORT EVERY SINGLE DAY.

"I guess yesterday they wrote on his report that he needs diapers, and I failed to see that. Now keep in mind, I see several teachers at drop off and several at pick up, if I failed to see that he needs diapers a simple, 'Hey Heather, your son needs diapers maybe you missed the report' would have done the trick. From any of the many teachers there I see daily.

"But instead, I change his diaper this afternoon AND SEE THIS WRITTEN ON MY SON WITH MARKER. You can’t even see all of it in the pic.. it says,' Mom I’m out of diapers pls read my report'. I’ve scrubbed it with several baby wipes and it’s not coming off. I had plans to take them to the beach to play, and now I can’t because my son has writing all over him.

"In the very worst case scenario, I can’t see anything other than 'need diapers' needing to be written. Why a big long message needed to be written across my sons stomach is beyond me.


"The best part???? THIS ISNT THE FIRST TIME. They’ve done this several months ago too.

"Help. Am I over exaggerating? Give it to me straight people."

The mother included two images of her son in the post, one with the message in clear view, and another showing a close-up of the toddler's stomach after Chisum had attempted to scrub the ink off.

As of this writing, Chisum's post has received over 21,000 reactions, 280 comments, and over 29,000 shares.

In response to the incident, the school has since apologized and revealed they fired the offending staff member on Tuesday for violating the day care's professional ethics. In a statement to USA's News-Press, Cindy Carter DeCosta, the executive director of the Children's Education Center of the Islands, said:

"We are aware of the incident at the school, and we are terribly sorry for the distress it has caused the family involved as well as all of our families.

"The school has taken immediate action to remove the teacher from the school.

"We are reviewing the protocols already in place to ensure that nothing like this occurs again."