Mom pens heartbreaking note explaining why she must give up her daughter for adoption

Mom pens heartbreaking note explaining why she must give up her daughter for adoption

A woman with mental health struggles has been praised for putting her daughter up for adoption as she could not meet her needs.

During a private family court hearing in Leeds, Judge Sarah Lynch read out an "incredibly moving" statement written by the mother - who has remained anonymous - which made it clear just how much she loves her toddler, and how difficult a decision this was to make.

Social services had requested that the judge make a decision about the future of the child, after becoming concerned about her wellbeing in the care of her mother.

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"At the current time one minute I am poorly and the next I am not. One minute I could care for her and then the next minute I would not be able to," the mother's emotional letter began.

"I do not feel that this would be good for [her]. I feel incredibly sad about the situation but I know [she] is going to go to a family who will love her and give her what I cannot give her at the moment. She will have stability in her life and will not be one minute with me and then with somebody else. She will grow up being happy and cared for for the rest of her life. [She] needs to be in a home where she can stay and not be moving around all the time. I have not had contact for some time now, not because I do not love [her], but because it is simply too hard for me to go and leave her again.

I am sad that this situation is happening and it really hurts me but I am doing what is right for her. I will always love her, she is my daughter but I am doing this for her. I hope she gets placed with a really good family who will love her how I love her and will bring her up right and protect her. I hope she gets all the attention in the world from her new family. When she is matched with a prospective adoptive family I would like the opportunity to meet them if possible so that they know that [she] is loved by me and can tell her this."

"I am really sorry that it has come to this position but I know I am doing the right thing and I just want her to know that I love her and always will," she concluded.

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Judge Lynch went onto state that she could not imagine the mother's pain, and said that she had made an "extremely brave decision";

"[She] has been able to understand what her daughter needs and to realise that very sadly she is not able to give her that. I cannot imagine how painful this has all been for her. It is obvious from her statement how much she loves her daughter and how she has only made the decision she has because of that love. There is nothing I can say that will make that pain any less, but hopefully by recording her words in this judgment I can make sure that [the child] when she is older hears what her mum decided and why, in her mum’s own words."

No other relatives were reportedly able to provide care for the toddler.