New theory says that Daenerys' last dragon will die during the 'Game of Thrones' finale

New theory says that Daenerys' last dragon will die during the 'Game of Thrones' finale

It's fair to say that the fifth episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones was pretty damn polarising. In a dramatic twist, Daenerys Targaryen underwent a complete mental breakdown and transformed from a messianic liberator into a paranoid tyrant, who destroyed King's Landing with her remaining dragon and killed a slew of characters, including Varys, Jaime, and Cersei, and many others.

Although many people felt that this change of character has come out of a left field, other fans have pointed out that Daenerys breaking bad appears to have been foreshadowed way back in season two. Now, as the big final approaches, fans have been speculating wildly about how the show is going to end, and a new theory states that Dany is due to lose her last dragon in the battle to come.

Check out the trailer for the grand finale of Game of Thrones below:

Proponents of this idea point to the fact that Dany's last surviving dragon Drogon is named after her late spouse Khal Drogo, who tragically died of an infected wound back in season one. As pop culture site PopSugar points out: "After Mago, one of the men in his khalasar, insults Daenerys back in season one, Drogo fights him ... he is left injured from the fight and his wound soon becomes infected. Daenerys attempts to use magic to heal Drogo, but ends up leaving him in a vegetative state and forces herself to smother him with a pillow to end his suffering."

The fact that Dany is forced to euthanise the man she loves had led fans to wonder if maybe the same thing is going to happen to the dragon show shares his namesake. It could well be that she'll have to kill her own dragon (and surrogate child) to spare it the agony of dying of its wounds in episode six.

Man: I gotta admit that the idea sounds fairly depressing. But then again, Game of Thrones has never exactly shied away from a world-half-empty depiction of fantasy, now has it?