2-year-old girl dies after putting phone charger in her mouth

2-year-old girl dies after putting phone charger in her mouth

Per the Times of India, a two-year-old girl was electrocuted in India after putting a phone charging cable into her mouth.

The child, reportedly named Shevar, was visiting her grandparents in the village of Jahangirabad, close to Delhi, on Friday.

Her mother, Razia, had let her play on her own the following day, while the charging cable was plugged in nearby.

A family member had been using the phone charger, and had unplugged their device, but left the power switched on.

Credit: Pexels

According to Akhilesh Pradhan, of Jahangirabad police station, the girl proceeded to place the cable in her mouth, causing her to be electrocuted.

"The family has not approached us with any police complaint, so a case has not been filed," Pradhan told to the publication. "However, if somebody approaches us for a complaint, it will be done according to the norms."

Experts have said that the likelihood of being electrocuted by a smartphone, even when it's charging, is incredibly low. In the majority of cases, such chargers have a transformer built in to the plug, meaning that the output is very low.

If the plug is faulty, however, or if the charger has exposed wires, we're advised not to use them. Ultimately, experts recommend using only high quality electrical equipment from the manufacturer of your device.