Dog cries 'tears of gratitude' after being saved from a dog meat vendor by animal lovers

Dog cries 'tears of gratitude' after being saved from a dog meat vendor by animal lovers

Everybody loves dogs. They're faithful, they're a reliable hiking buddy, and unlike those persnickety, stuck-up cats, they'll always show you love. When you grow up in a culture where dogs are adorable pets, the idea of eating them sounds horrific. However, in countries such as China, South Korea and Nigeria, eating dog meat is common, and even considered a delicacy.

In Kunming, China, a group of volunteers from the Sanhe Animal Protection Centre went looking for a missing pet at Xiaobanqiao Market. The market is notorious for its dog meat trade, and may of the canines collected by vendors are said to be stolen pets. Sure enough, the animal lovers stumbled up on a meat vendor with a truck full of caged pooches, and one golden retriever appeared to match the description of the missing pet.

Credit: Sanhe Animal Protection Centre

The vendors described the canines as 'meal dogs,' which, sadly, is exactly what it sounds like. They're dogs sold to restaurants to be slaughtered and cooked into dishes. After observing the pups in their bleak, forlorn rusty cages, the volunteers decided they had to intervene. They raised 14,450 yuan - about $2,300 - to purchase every dog on the truck, around 20 in total. Unlike many pooches in China, their destiny will not be the dinner plate.

After making their purchase, the animal lovers took the dogs to Kunming's Dongfang Animal Hospital for a medical evaluation. During this process, the golden retriever appeared to cry 'tears of gratitude," recognizing it was saved in the nick of time from a cruel fate. The director of the hospital, Wang Zaigao, says it's possible the dog was tearing up because it had received an optical checkup. To which I say, shut up Dr. Buzzkill! That dog was crying tears of gratitude! Don't ruin this heartwarming story with your stupid science.

crying dog Credit: Sanhe Animal Protection Centre

After returning from the hospital, the group began hunting homes for the canines. According to one of the volunteers, known as Ms. Xu, 17 dogs have been adopted by loving families. Zaigao says that the hospital is still looking after one dog, who appears to be healthy. So, what does that leave, two dogs in need of a home? Let's get them adopted, Sanhe Animal Protection Centre - and make sure that you don't sell them to any restaurant chefs in disguise.

Many people find the idea of eating dog meat disgusting, and believe it should be illegal. But before you rush to judgment, think about all the animals it's socially acceptable to consume. Pigs, cows, chicken, rabbits, deer - Are any of those animals cute, like dogs and cats? If not, does that make it okay to slaughter them? The line between pet and livestock is blurry, and fluctuates depending on your geography.

But regardless of the dog meat debate, it's great that these pooches were pardoned. Had we been in their situation, we would probably cry with gratitude too. You're free, little buddies. Enjoy it.