Everything you need to know about the royal baby

Everything you need to know about the royal baby

Hoorah! British flags have been hoisted around the country because it's just been announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have given birth to their third child. Kensington Palace announced that Kate Middleton went into labour early this morning, and with Prince William by her side, she gave birth a few hours later around 11am.

They report that Kate and her newborn are "doing well", and are expected to leave the hospital in the afternoon. But while the world is yet to meet the latest member of the royal family, there are a few things that we do already know...

1. It's a boy!

We were all kept in the dark about the gender of the baby, and so were Kate and William. They chose not to find out the sex until the birth, which they found out together with William present in the room.

2. They'll say hello before heading home

The Duchess is expected to head home in the afternoon, after having given birth in the late morning. As is custom, she'll make an appearance with her new bub before heading back to Kensington Palace, meaning the press of the world are eagerly awaiting her outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital.

3. He's helped Princess Charlotte make history

Since the introduction of the Succession to the Crown Act in 2013, Charlotte won't lose her spot in line to a male heir. She's the first female royal in history to keep her place because of her birth order, rather than her gender.

4. This makes him fifth in line to the throne

Royal baby number three will come behind Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. His uncle Prince Harry has now been pushed into sixth place, but at least he's got his upcoming wedding to look forward to.

5. His birth was announced on an easel outside Buckingham Palace

It's tradition for the royal family to reveal the gender and weight of the baby to the public on a notice displayed outside the palace. They still do this, but since the birth of Prince George, royal births are also announced to the world via social media by the royal communications team.

6. He's going to have a really long name

The new prince might be small, but he's going to have a big name. He'll be officially known as His Royal Highness Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, followed by three or four given names (royals don't require a surname).

7. It might not be a traditional name this time

People are predicting that the prince will most likely be called Arthur, Albert or Phillip. However, some experts say there's a good chance that now the couple already have royal-approved names for both a son and daughter, a more unconventional name that reflects the Middleton side of the family will be chosen.

8. But we won't know the name for a few days

We only found out Prince George and Princess Charlotte's names two days after they were born, so it's likely that we'll only learn the new prince's full name on Wednesday.

9. He's a Taurus

Who knows if the royal family follow their zodiacs, but if you do believe in what the stars have to say – Kate and William's newborn will be reliable, practical and ambitious. Not bad traits for a prince!

Welcome to the world little bub, I know the whole world is dying to meet you!