Female weightlifter snaps arm in two places while attempting 110kg lift

Female weightlifter snaps arm in two places while attempting 110kg lift

A graphic video has emerged on social media, which sadly shows a female weightlifter snapping her arm in two places while attempting to lift an incredibly heavy barbell.

The graphic clip shows 30-year-old weightlifter Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke sustain horrific injuries while competing in the women's 76kg category for France, at the European Weightlifting Championships in Batumi, Georgia.

Here's a video of Ketchanke in action:

Ketchanke had already attempted twice to lift the 110kg weight twice, and failed on both those attempts. Undeterred, she approached it and attempted the feat for the third time, in front of a captive audience. She was being broadcast by the European Weightlifting Federation via live stream, and at first, her form appeared to be correct.

Warning, some viewers might find this video distressing:

However, although Ketchanke eased through the first part of the motion, after she repositioned the heavy bar behind her head and prepared to push through her legs to stand up and complete the lift, her left suddenly snapped. She cried out in agony, while the people in the horrified crowd screamed in shock.

Ketchanke was immediately rushed to the hospital, having broken her left arm in two places and suffering a dislocated elbow. Sadly, this injury means that it is now highly unlikely that the veteran weightlifter Ketchanke will be able to compete in the Tokyo Olympics next year.

She previously succeeded in lifting 110kg at the European Championships in Førde in Norway back in in 2016,  and her current weightlifting record stands at 111kg, which she achieved in 2015.

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