This girl sent her boyfriend to buy her leggings, and the results were hilarious

This girl sent her boyfriend to buy her leggings, and the results were hilarious

Anyone who considers shopping a social occasion cannot be my friend. If I'm heading out to buy a new dress for an upcoming party or to find new gym shoes, I'll do it alone thank you very much. It means I don't have to wait around for a friend to finish browsing in a sloth-like daze, and it allows me to get in and out of each store without feeling guilty for how long it takes to try stuff on.

Not to mention the choice we're confronted with nowadays. They say too much choice can be paralysing, and after hearing this story, you'll know why. British Twitter user Tay posted the panicked messages her boyfriend Tim sent her after she boldly sent him out to buy new leggings for her.

In theory, it was simple enough – he was heading into town anyway, and so she suggested he pick up some plain black leggings while he was there. Only, Tim didn't realise that we women are marketed to at dizzying extremes, being sold all kinds of features and qualities that are just not at all necessary. Plain black leggings, you say? No such thing. Do you want them long or cropped, thick or regular? Zips? Mesh inserts? And did we mention they've got pockets?

Tay's poor boyfriend was only confronted with this reality when in store, leading to a series of hysterical messages that began with "There's so many types of leggings. Why? For what reason?"

Tell me about it, dude. Tay shared the waterfall of messages that ensued on Twitter, captioning it "When you ask your boyf to pick you up a pair of leggings whilst he’s in town".

"Do you want ankle length or ones that don’t say ankle length? Do you need ones with zips? Why do some have zips?" he went on. "This is incredible," he added, dumbfounded.

"I fail to understand the need for eight thousand different types of black leggings," he complained to cover up the overwhelming fear that was starting to consume him in his quest. "Oh so now I’ve spotted that they have different thicknesses as well."

"No wonder the number of women with anxiety is on the rise," Tim mused, before declaring that he's "on the floor in the foetal position".

"Send help," he wrote dramatically. "I’ve been in this shop for five days now. I miss the sun."

"Tay, I love you. Tell my family I love them too. I’m using extra thick leggings for warmth now, but I don’t think I’ll last much longer," he lamented, before seeing a mirage of a person to help him. But alas, it was "just a sign advertising another type of legging."

The texts are hilarious, the tweet went viral, and it seems the people of Twitter could relate to the situation as well.

But the people were desperate to know, did he make it out with the goods in the end?

Apparently so! But it seems Tim is still a bit traumatised...

We wish you a speedy recovery, Tim.