Meghan Markle has invited her lookalike to her own wedding

Meghan Markle has invited her lookalike to her own wedding

For most brides, the idea that all eyes will be on them is one of the most exciting (and probably terrifying) parts of their wedding day. For the months leading up to their big day, they'll daydream about the moment when they'll float down the aisle towards the love of their life, and put hours into ensuring that everything is just right.

But Meghan Markle isn't any ordinary bride, and not just because she happens to be marrying the world's most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry. While most brides would be afraid of being shown up by another guest - as anyone that's accidentally broken the "no white" rule will know - this future princess has actually taken the chilled-out factor to a whole new level and invited her lookalike to her own wedding.

The guest list to the couple's May 19th wedding has already been shrouded in some controversy, with all major world leaders, including President Trump and even British Prime Minister Theresa May, excluded from their big day. Instead, the duo have chosen to invite a selection of members of the general public to sit alongside their family and celebrity friends at St George's Chapel, Windsor, and watch them exchange vows. True to the Harry and Meghan's charity values, those given the green light have contributed greatly to their communities in one way or another.

Among them is Sarah Mhlanga, from Warrington, in the north east of England, who is attending the big day as the plus-one for her mother, Debra Green. Debra, who runs Christian charity Reclaim Our Communities, was awarded an OBE on account of her charity work. Speaking to the British newspaper Mirror Online, Mhlanga said: "I was thrilled when mum was invited and asked me to be her plus one. Meghan has changed my life and so it is fitting that I will get to see her on her wedding day, I’m so excited."

The similarities don't stop at their good looks, either. At 35-years-old, she's also pretty much the same age as the 36-year-old actress, and also does her fair share of charity work herself. Since her resemblance to Ms Markle was noticed she has become a professional lookalike, appearing at events and in publicity campaigns. Of her newfound career, she commented: "Meghan-mania has gripped the whole country but I’m loving it. I’ve been so busy."

At the wedding, Sarah and her mom can reportedly look forward to tucking into an Elderflower sponge cake, and getting dressed up in a "morning casual" attire, rather than the more formal dress that was required of guests at Will and Kate's wedding. However, Sarah won't be able to stick around to enjoy the after-party, because she'll need to dash off to work at an event in Surrey, with a Prince Harry lookalike.

Sarah Mhlanga posing as Meghan Markle Credit:

Of course, Sarah isn't the only Meghan Markle lookalike out there. Over on the other side of the globe, an Australian woman, Stephanie Murray, has also spoken of how she has received a deluge of media attention after someone noticed that she was near identical to Prince Harry's famous fiance. Unfortunately for Stephanie though, one doppelganger at the wedding is quite enough.

Let's just hope Sarah doesn't turn up in a big white dress, hey? Otherwise things really could get awkward.