Meghan Markle's Rumored Birth Plan Goes Against 35 Years Of Royal Tradition

Meghan Markle's Rumored Birth Plan Goes Against 35 Years Of Royal Tradition

Before Meghan Markle had even married Prince Harry, she'd broken Royal Family tradition in a dramatic fashion. Much like the cocktails she snapped on her old Instagram account, Meghan left the royals shaken and very stirred.

A divorced American actress, who'd once posed in a skimpy slip dress during a stint as a 'briefcase girl' on Deal or No Deal, Meghan was not deemed marriage material for a prominent British royal. Not only that, but the California-born Suits star was extremely outspoken about her political preferences, a privilege the Royal Family are not afforded due to rules which ensure they remain neutral at all times.

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In the build-up to the Royal Wedding, the Royals were left further embarrassed when Meghan's family chose to come forward and talk ill of her to the press. A majority of these comments were dismissed as jealousy, with many deeming them as a bitter attempt to sabotage Meghan's happy day after she refused to invite a single family member to the extravaganza other than her mother.

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Further scandal came when Meghan's father was caught courting the press, taking money for staged photographs of him preparing to fly to the UK for his daughter's special day. This resulted in a rather awkward announcement from Thomas Markle Sr. that he wouldn't be attending the wedding due to health issues which prevented him from making the trip.

Since joining the Royal Family, she has routinely broken royal protocol...

No doubt these were extremely testing times for the Royal Family who pride themselves on being composed and confidential at all times. With the Queen celebrating her 92nd birthday, 96-year-old Prince Phillip stepping down from his official royal duties and Kate Middleton's third pregnancy, it was no doubt a tough time.

However, an un-fazed Meghan appears to have reigned it all back and is now living happily ever after with her Prince Charming.

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To add further joy, the happy couple announced in October that they were expecting their first child, due in the Spring of 2019. However, if the 37-year-old former actress-turned-Duchess of Sussex, thought that this joy would be shared by the world, she was much mistaken. Again, the announcement sparked controversy after it was revealed that Meghan plans to do things a little differently with regard to her birth.

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According to Vanity Fair, Meghan is looking into alternative birthing plans. It is unlikely that she shall give birth at London's St. Mary's Hospital in the famous Lindo Wing, the birthplace of Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The $13,500-a-day unit also the chosen place of labor for Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, when she gave birth to her first child earlier this year.

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Instead, Meghan is leaning towards having a home birth. However, as this is her first child - and Meghan is older than the average first-time mother - it will likely be suggested she give birth in a hospital. If they do choose to give birth at the hospital, then it will likely be one closer to their new residence, Frogmore House in Windsor.

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Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, is also rumored to be moving to the UK to permanently be by her daughter and grandchild's side. "[Doria] wants to be on hand to help Meghan and Harry with the baby," an insider tells Vanity Fair. "Doria will be involved and if she’s involved she will be encouraging Meg to go for a natural birth."

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Meghan is rumored to also be planning a hypno-birth, which allows for a more calming and natural birth.

As a result of these plans, it is unlikely that the new Royal Baby, who will be seventh in line to the British throne, will be revealed in the now-iconic Royal way on the steps of the Lindo wing. Instead, the couple could choose to show their newborn for the first time from the gardens of their new home, Frogmore House.

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Officials at Kensington Palace are yet to reveal an official due date, but they have announced that the baby will be born in Spring 2019. Until then, we won't know Meghan's particular plans, but there is no doubt she will be doing things differently!