Missguided has introduced a 'jeans and a nice top' range and we are so grateful

Missguided has introduced a 'jeans and a nice top' range and we are so grateful

On how many occasions have you torn through all the clothes you own like some kind of feral animal, trying on outfit after outfit, from this dress to that dress, before looking at the wardrobe you've just made a floordrobe of and declaring that you'll "just go in jeans and a nice top"?

It's just the best solution to any outfit dilemma ever. Dinner with the girls at your shabby-chic pizza place? Jeans and a nice top. Hot date coming up, but don't want to seem too OTT? Jeans and a nice top. Job interview at one of those hip new startup companies, where you don't know if they dress smart or in the kind of t-shirts you've condemned to be pyjama tops? Jeans and a nice top (but keep the neckline modest, girls).

And so when Misguided decided to add a "jeans and a nice top" section to their online store, everyone broke down and praised the fashion retailer for making online shopping so much easier. No longer must we trawl through the generic "tops" section, trying to scour the mishmash of basic tees and slouchy sweatshirts for something you could classify as simply "nice", before then having to head AAAAALL the way over to the "jeans" section to try and find something to match.

"Party season might be over but that doesn’t mean the partying is. If you’re looking for a new outfit for this weekend, or whenever, you’ve come to the right place," it states at the top of the section on Misguided's site.

"Whether you’re looking for going out tops to wear with jeans in the form of sequins or lace, or fancy a long-sleeved style to pair with your new favourite denim, we’ve got everything your wardrobe is probably calling out for. Keep on scrollin’ for plunge tops and high neck numbers for those ‘jeans and a nice top’ kinda events…"

missguided jeans and a nice top section twitter user Credit: Missguided

It's high time someone thought to do this, so a round of applause to Missguided. But we mustn't forget that this is actually all thanks to a Twitter user by the name of Jennifer Stuart, who asked the brand to make a "jeans and a nice top" section on Twitter a few weeks ago.

"Wish there was a tab on like Missguided, pretty little thing etc for 'jeans and a nice top'," she tweeted. The next day, Missguided replied with a simple "Noted!".

"Haha honestly would make life so much easier," she tweeted in response. And what do you know... a couple of weeks later and Missguided had come through with the goods. "WE DID IT. Now shop to it," they tweeted back, together with the link to the section that had been quickly crafted by the retailer.

Judging by reactions on the internet, it looks like every girl out there who's ever uttered the words, "Oh, just jeans and a nice top", is thanking their lucky stars.

Well, it seems like everyone is just as thankful as us that this exists now, and we're just waiting for our other favourite online stores to follow suit.