'Teacher of the Year' manages to troll Donald Trump with her dress while accepting award

'Teacher of the Year' manages to troll Donald Trump with her dress while accepting award

Over the last few decades, movements for women's equality have been going pretty well in the western world. Or at least, they were until Donald Trump got elected.

The thrice-married and 22-times-accused sexual assaulter was voted in as president after admitting to grabbing women "by the p***y", making derogatory comments about female senators and news reporters, and - as was recently confirmed - paying off a porn star to cover up an affair they had while his third wife, Melania, was pregnant with his child. Needless to say, he's not exactly a champion of women's equality.

So, with all this in mind, one woman decided to conduct a quiet protest when given the opportunity to meet him. Her name is Mandy Manning, and she'll probably be your new hero once you've finished reading this.

Manning, an English language development teacher at Joel E. Ferris High School’s Newcomer Center in Spokane, Washington, had the honor of visiting the White House this week in order to accept the award for Teacher of the Year.

And, unfortunately for the president, the teacher did not come to play nice.

Rather than smiling graciously and exchanging a few words of small talk with Trump as pretty much everyone else in this situation would have done, Manning stayed silent while accepting her award. What's more, she made sure that he paid very close attention to the badges that she had chosen to wear for the occasion - all of which showed her support for women's rights, LGBTQ equality, and pretty much everything that Trump's administration has worked to destroy over the past year and a half.

She also brought along a stack of letters from her students, all of whom arrived in the US from Syria, Iraq, Uganda, Burma, and El Salvador. As Manning explained to the Washington Post, she did this because her students "felt it was important for the president to understand the really rigorous and difficult process and length of time it takes to come to the United States as a refugee."

"The thing about our immigrant and refugee students is that they have this innate hopefulness," Manning explained. "They have gone through very, very difficult experiences, but they see coming to the United States as an opportunity. They feel that they can have dreams, and that they can potentially achieve those dreams. It’s really quite beautiful, actually, because no matter what — no matter what they experience — they still have this hope, this resilience."

Apparently, her efforts were not in vain, either, as Trump allegedly expressed interest in reading the letters and asked an aide for them to be taken directly to his desk.

As for the statement she was making with her pin badges, it's not clear whether the president noticed them or not, but Manning didn't mind too much. In an interview with the slot, she said that she was most concerned with showing her support to communities that have been rejected by this administration.

"My goal is [not just] to share my student’s stories," Manning said, "but to send a message—to not only my immigrant and refugee students but the LGBT community—that they are wanted, they are loved, they are enough and they matter."

To top it all off, when it came to having a photo opportunity with the president, Manning respectfully refused to shake his hand. She was nothing but polite to Trump throughout the whole ceremony, and, really, that was probably the best slap in the face she could give.

Go Mandy!