The way this girl found out her boyfriend had two other girlfriends is crazy

The way this girl found out her boyfriend had two other girlfriends is crazy

How good is that film John Tucker Must Die? The 2006 flick taught many of us about high school, friendship, boys and exactly what to do when said boy turns out to be dating not just you, but multiple women at once - plot against him and play him right back with the help of your new gal pals who were all being duped by the dude too, of course.

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But for one woman, that movie got too real for her own college experience. Meet Paige Mariah.

Back when she was studying at Hampton University she had a boyfriend... only, not a very good one. Paige had been seeing him for a few weeks before she found out he had another girlfriend, and when she confronted him about it and demanded an explanation, all he said was: "well you asked me if I had hoes, not if I had a girlfriend". Groooaaan.

She then went on to explain how she actually found out about the other girl – and it's a ride. Paige was attending the guy's probate when she heard a girl yell his name across the room and shout "That's my baby!". For those of you out of the loop, a probate is kind of a "coming out" event for frat and sorority groups where new members are welcomed into the fold.

When Paige and her friend looked closer at the girl cheering for her "baby"/Paige's dude, they couldn't recognise her. Paige said she hastily returned to her apartment so she could delve a little deeper and go all "Nancy Drew" on him.

She said she used Twitter to search for mentions of his user handle: "I get on twitter and start searching his @ name in the search box along with his frat to see what I could find," she tweeted.

But little did Paige know that she was in for another bombshell about this dude. She continued: "a bunch of tweets pop up from a girl congratulating 'her baby' for crossing. the gag is.... it was NOT the same girl I saw at the probate."


Paige was left "bamboozled af" (great commentary on the whole thing, btw) after finding out about not only the "probate girl" but now this other "Twitter girl" too. The fact that this guy had three girlfriends who knew nothing about each other was crazy enough, and the way Paige found out even more wild.

Yet despite it all, and including the confrontation where the guy tried to shrug it off by saying Paige never asked if he had a girlfriend in the first place, he still felt confident enough to ask when they could next hang out. To which Paige replied: "ummm how about never".

Well, in any case, that was a few years ago and Paige looks to be in a much better relationship now. This new guy has no other girlfriends or "hoes" and also "never complains about taking a million photos" of her. With that in mind, some people (rightfully) have told her to hang on tight to this one.

As they say – when one door closes, another door opens.