Parents who named their babies ‘Khaleesi’ are now really regretting It

Parents who named their babies ‘Khaleesi’ are now really regretting It

Warning: this article contains massive spoilers for season eight, episode five of Game of Thrones. 

'Game of Thrones' is now just one episode away from coming to an end, which means there are a lot of people out there with some serious opinions on just how things went down in season eight episode 5.

Most of all, people were divided over the ending of the episode, in which Daenerys made the sudden rage-fuelled decision to turn Drogon's flames on the innocent civilians of King's Landing, even after the city surrendered.

Here's the moment Daenerys ignored the bells and launched her attack:

We've seen seasons of Daenerys' slow rise to power, from being a powerless young woman sold off to a savage King to a Queen who emancipates slaves and punishes the wicked. It did come with its fair share of bloodshed, but there was always a sense of clear morality underneath it all - which won her plenty of fans over the years.

So many fans, in fact, that there are babies all over the world named Daenerys, or Khaleesi. After what happened in the last episode, many parents are wondering whether it was a good idea to not wait and see how the character turned out before they named their child after her...

One fan of the show who had named her daughter Khaleesi spoke to The Daily Beast about the surprise turn. “I’m kind of in shock,” they said, and they're not the only one. Over 500 children in the US were named Khaleesi last year alone according to Social Security Administration data published recently. Meanwhile, 163 newborn babies were given the name of Daenerys.

Not everyone was so upset about their baby-naming, however. “I honestly think she did what she had to do,” another parent told Vulture, while another said: "I have no regrets at all!” Another parent spoke to The Cut about what they thought, and even defended Daenerys' actions in King's Landing:

"I’m like, I don’t feel anything different. It’s not like she did it just ‘cause. If you watch the show, she had every right. How could you not see her side? You’re just seeing the people’s side. Those same people rooted and clapped when Ned [Stark] was killed.

"So it doesn’t make a difference to me. I just wish they would have put a little bit more instead of so quickly making her look like the Mad King."

Twitter was full of memes about the entire thing, however - and it seems everyone's expecting parents who named their child after the (now kinda mad) Queen to be seriously regretting it right now.

Who knows, maybe anyone who named their daughter Sansa could be regretting it next episode!

This article was originally posted on VT.