People are praising this brand for not photoshopping out a model's stomach rolls

People are praising this brand for not photoshopping out a model's stomach rolls

While we've all succumbed to editing our pictures from time to time - you know, by adding that filter which makes your eyes pop, and makes it look like you haven't spent the weekend living off a diet of wine and takeaway food - in the online age that we live in, it's imperative to remain conscious of the fact that our favourite celebrities and influencers are never not Photoshopped.

Certainly, paragons of perfection such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have been known to use editing software to slim down their figures, and to create thigh gaps - and if such beings are feeling the pressure to conform to society's beauty ideals, then you can bet that the heat is on for us mere mortals.

Certain brands and celebs, however, have been taking steps to be more transparent about the prevalence of photoshopping, like online fashion retailer, Asos, who recently refused to photoshop out a model's stomach rolls.

asos model Credit: Asos

Asos is being praised for not editing a model's stomach rolls, and this clearly points to the fact that our perception of the female body is distorted, because everyone has stomach rolls, regardless of how "fat" or "slim" they're deemed to be.

It is an important step, however, given that the majority of retailers still don't show rolls, stretchmarks or wrinkles. So while the model is slim, blonde and caucasian, it does feel fairly radical.

And the people of the internet are naturally loving it. "It is great when we as humans set realistic and healthy standards rather than just Photoshop and marketing manipulation," wrote one Twitter user, while another corroborated "This is the sort of stuff I wanna see."

Good on you, Asos!