People are way impressed with how this girl used her Tinder account

People are way impressed with how this girl used her Tinder account

Tinder etiquette continues to be a bit of a contentious topic these days – what with painfully bad opening lines, limp conversations that stop for a week before they're picked up again, and the special few who think sending someone pictures of their junk will work in their favour.

Like many young ladies hoping to catch a fish in the sea, 18-year-old Aline threw her line into the pool of potential that is Tinder. But rather than get caught up in the drama of the dating app, the freshman from Oswego University in upstate New York said she ended up not taking it seriously, and would rather tell stupid jokes and talk to people she matched with for fun than to actually find a date.

"I feel like people just make a Tinder [account] just for an ego boost," she told BuzzFeed.

But around five or six months ago, Aline did find a good fish (not too slippery and not too stinky) and decided to delete Tinder from her phone. But after a while, she realised that she kind of missed being silly on the app when she was bored.

"[I thought] — how can I go on Tinder and not cheat on my boyfriend?" she said.

Here's how. Not long ago, she was hanging out with her cousin, lamenting the good old days of messing around on Tinder, when she had a lightbulb moment – literally. She had an idea for a new Tinder account where instead of promoting herself, she'd use it to promote an old lamp her cousin was trying to sell.

girl funny tinder account lamp prank Credit: Twitter / @AlineLaReine_

Yep, a tabletop lamp complete with shade. So Aline took a picture and made a new profile for the lamp, calling it (wait for it) "Lamp" and listing its age as 25. "Not looking for hookups, just to sell my lamp. Serious inquiries only," she added in the description.

Here's another picture of the lamp, courtesy of the cousin:

And you know what? Aline actually got an overwhelming amount of responses. There were so many that the app literally broke her phone and caused it to crash. This guy seemed particularly interested:

girl funny tinder account lamp prank Credit: Twitter / @AlineLaReine_

U ok hun?

Aline tweeted a few responses from interested parties and managed to find one serious bidder for the lamp. In fact, he offered to buy it for more than $35, in some kind of bizarre bargaining technique that was very much in Aline's favour.

girl funny tinder account lamp prank Credit: Twitter / @AlineLaReine_

She tweeted the whole thing and confirmed that she'd sold it, adding "thanks Joseph" to the end.

The saga seemed to have caught the attention of a lot of people, who posted their own clever responses to Aline's hilarious use of her Tinder account.

Take notes, people. It seems that this is the way to get yourself a lot of attention on Tinder (and to sell unwanted household items).