People who watch 'Friends' do better in exams according to study

People who watch 'Friends' do better in exams according to study

Procrastinating is all too easy when you have an impending deadline. Sure, exams can possibly determine your future job prospects - and whether you pass or fail a year - but the siren song of a new Netflix release is hard to pass up. Of course, the addition of Friends to the streaming service has only made this more difficult.

Luckily, tuning into our favourite sitcom may not affect our studies as badly as we may think. In fact, according to a new study, students who watch Friends may actually do better in exams.

Research conducted by DIRECTV discovered that the answer to better exam results may have less to do with knuckling down, and more to do with monging out in front of the telly.

The survey analysed the relationship between television shows and intelligence, to determine how watching particular programmes may boost your exam performance, and accordingly how your smarts may influence what shows you watch in the first place.

They surveyed popular state universities around the United States, polled the results, and compared people's SAT scores to the television shows they watched the most frequently.

Those who watched Friends, and shows including Planet Earth, Sherlock, The Simpsons, Top Gear and South Park, all scored higher on examinations than average, whereas those who watched things like The Wire, Game of Thrones, Dexter, and Breaking Bad scored lower than average.

It's a good thing that Game of Thrones is over, eh?

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So if you regularly work through your Friends boxset, feel free to carry on - it may just help you score that coveted A grade.