Regina George's sister from 'Mean Girls' is all grown up now and working for a great cause

Regina George's sister from 'Mean Girls' is all grown up now and working for a great cause

Seminal Noughties flick Mean Girls is lodged in the minds (and hearts) of many. Certainly, I don't know about you but I can pretty much quote the entire film by heart, and I'm sure that this holds true for most Millennials. I mean, if you're under the age of 30, it's likely that you've used the line "I'm a pusher Cady, I'm a pusher" to justify some kind of questionable behaviour, such as buying yet another drink for your friend who has work the following day (guilty as charged).

Now, while any Mean Girls fan is familiar with Cady Heron, and the mainstays of each clique within North Shore High, a true devotee will also know who Regina George's little sister is. 14 years ago, Kylie enjoyed dancing to Girls Gone Wild, and doing other activities which aren't exactly appropriate for someone under the age of 12. However, the IRL Kylie, Nicole Crimi, seems to be into things which are far more fetch...

Following her stint on the Mean Girls set, 21-year-old Nicole Crimi has graduated from McMaster University (this year), and she's also a budding artist to boot!

It appears that Nicole has swapped her acting chops for another talent: painting.

And judging by her Instagram account, she's darn good at it. I mean, check out that detail...

However, Nicole's art also has a charitable component. For the last few months, the erstwhile actress has been creating a gorgeous elephant painting to raise money for the wildlife charity Stop Poaching Now.

"Over the next two months I will be working on this painting to raise money for Team Elephant, which will then be donated and auctioned off to raise more money for this cause," Nicole wrote on Instagram. "Painting all of these wrinkles has been quite tedious, but worth it because when it is done it will be donated to raise money for Stop Poaching Now to stop the poaching of elephants!"

"I create art to express what I cannot say in words," Nicole said to Buzzfeed News. "These elephants don't have their own voice to speak up against the wrong that is being done to them, therefore, I see it as our responsibility to take the initiative to protect them from extinction. I chose to be a part of Team Elephant so the funds I raise go to elephants, but the initiatives of Stop Poaching Now are for elephants, rhinos, and tigers."

Revealing that there's an adorable backstory to her love of elephants, she continued: "A few years ago I went to Thailand and visited an elephant sanctuary and fell in love with elephants! Therefore, it broke my heart to learn that 100 elephants are poached EVERY DAY because elephants play such an important role in the ecosystem and are so innocent and friendly."

Well, there you have it - talented and charitable to boot, we're sure that Nicole will go far.