8 Things you do in bed that all guys love

8 Things you do in bed that all guys love

When it comes to matters of the heart and subsequent matters of the bedroom, we all have our own preferences. Whether that's a certain gender or a particular kink that you're into, it takes some time to figure out what it is that both you and your partner likes. The good news is that the process of figuring all this out involves a lot of sex.

But while we're having a lot of it, it's not always going to be the fiery, passionate kind that we so desire, but also awkward and funny at times too. That's all just part of it, but the good news is that it's fairly easy to see patterns in what people like. In heterosexual couples, for example, there are a few tried-and-tested tricks that women can do that guys love.

It seems that mostly what guys want is for you to be into it too, so it's win-win really. Take a look at these eight tips to see if you need to improve your moves.

1. When you've come prepared

Undressing to reveal you've been wearing lingerie all along, or simply having the forethought to come over with a condom – guys like it when you show that sex has been on your mind and you've come prepared...

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2. Communicating clearly

Don't be afraid to make sounds when it's starting to feel really good, and use encouraging language to get him to change what he's doing to move exactly how you like it. Being a little bossy and direct is such a turn on, and outlining exactly what you want and how you want to get there means you'll probably get it too.

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3. A change of pace

Changing the tempo from slow and sensual to a bit more wild and passionate comes naturally, but don't be afraid to mix it up by slowing it back down and speeding it up again as you go. The continued near-peaking drives him wild.

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4. When you give him a good view

Men love looking at our bodies and our curves and how we move in bed (yes, yes – stretch marks, rolls, cellulite and all). Especially when you arch your back in a certain way, pull him over to do it in front of a mirror or give him a full view when you're on top – you'll see that sex is also a very visual act.

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5. Spontaneous moves

He loves it when you take control, so if you're the one to change the position or suggest introducing something spicy into your sex lives, he'll probably be super into it. Even just initiating something at a seemingly random time of day (or place!) will really catch him off guard in the best way.

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6. When he doesn't have to do anything at all

Okay, it might sound lazy and selfish, but don't you love it too when your guy goes down on you and you don't have to do a thing? We all love being pampered, so be the one to do the pampering once in a while. And another tip: he loooves watching you getting yourself off too, and it'll not only be educational for him but also pleasurable for you. Win-win!

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7. When you talk about each others' fantasies

You don't want anything to get 'taboo' between you, so he really appreciates when you can both openly and honestly communicate what kind of fantasies have been on your mind lately. Maybe they won't actually happen in real life, but just being able to talk about them will be enough to cultivate a good sexual understanding between you. And – hey – all that sexy talk will probably get you in the mood anyway.

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8. When you dominate him

Maybe it's a little bit of bondage with a scarf or maybe some strict "no talking or touching until I say so" rules while you tantalise him. No matter how hardcore you go, being bossy and bringing a bit of power play into the bedroom will really turn him on.

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Well, is it time to amp up your game?