These adorable comics show exactly what it's like to be in a comfortable relationship

These adorable comics show exactly what it's like to be in a comfortable relationship

While the first few dates with someone you're really into can be exhilarating – and the honeymoon phase even more so – it's perhaps the stage after that which is the most fun of all. You're no longer nervous around them, not trying to show off or impress them, and you're just totally at ease in their presence.

Someone who knows exactly what this "comfortable stage" is like is illustrator Murr, who has created a webtoon series, entitled "Murrz". Posting to her Instagram account a few times a week, the artist creates comics that depict life as an ordinary girl in a comfortable relationship.

The LA-based artist revealed that she met her now-boyfriend at a house party when she was drunkenly stumbling around and she saw him dancing... by himself. A match made in heaven, no? And the comics are based on stories of the two of them (and occasionally their cat) at home, now that they're happily together.

"I've wanted to do comics for a very long time and I've been so scared to showcase my work but I am so happy I did!" she wrote in an Instagram post. Murrz is first series of work published by the artist, and it seems to be very popular indeed. Her Instagram account has over 119,000 followers and judging by the comments, there are a lot of people who relate to the scenarios depicted within.

Here are 10 of the best comics showing the realities of being in a long-term relationship.

1. The dining etiquette starts to look a bit different (scroll across)

2. As do your topics of conversation

3. Things start looking "serious"

4. Those cheeky little pranks...

5. ... That sometimes go too far

6. And the supremely weird things you get up to at home

7. When they learn the unfortunate truth about how fast leg hair grows

8. And that girls do actually fart

9. You share stories about pooping

10. And he ever-so-kindly shares his wardrobe

Well, you win some and you lose some in a relationship, so to speak. Keep it up Murr, we're loving your work!